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Profoto B10 Plus OCF Flash Head
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Profoto B10 Plus OCF Flash Head

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The Profoto B10 Plus OCF Flash Head is a more powerful and slightly larger upgrade to the popular B10 OCF Flash Head battery-powered. Key features include:

  • 500Ws, 10-stop power range

  • Lithium-ion battery powered

  • Up to 200 full-power flashes per charge

  • Compatible with the Air Remote TTL Transceiver

What’s Changed. Fresh off the success of the B10, Profoto did what any good lighting company would do and doubled the output! The B10 Plus provides 500Ws of power, the same as the bigger B1X, but in a much smaller package. The body of the B10 Plus is about 2.5" longer than the standard B10 and weighs about a pound more. While the B10 Plus uses the same battery as the B10, the added power cuts the full power flashes on a single charge in half to 200 instead of 400 on the B10.

Flash Output. The Profoto B10 Plus OCF Flash Head offers a 500Ws maximum output, with 10 stops of adjustment in 1/10 or 1-stop increments. Maximum recycle time at full power is 2.5 seconds, and a Freeze Mode allows you to prioritize flash durations as short as 1/50,000 sec. All of this in a package slightly larger than a Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS III.

LED Modeling Light. The built-in modeling LED provides the equivalent of 150 W incandescent light. It’s dimmable and boasts a 3000 to 6500K color temperature and a CRIof 90-96, which makes it great for video.

Supports TTL Air Remote. The B10 Plus OCF offers full TTLsupport when matched with one of the Profoto Air Remote TTL Transceivers for CanonNikonSony, and Fuji. Please note that these are separate rental items.

Triggering Options. This strobe has a built-in Profoto Air radio receiver, allowing it to be triggered by any of the TTL remotes above. You can also use the Profoto Air Remote Transceiver if you’re comfortable with manual power adjustment. You’ll get 300 feet of range when triggering in TTL mode, and 1,000 feet with normal radio triggering. Additionally, there’s a built-in optical sensor. Unfortunately there is no external sync port.

Battery Power. The included lithium-ion battery provides about 200 full-power flashes per charge, or up to thousands of flashes when you lower the power output. The battery attaches to the side strobe housing itself, making it easy to move around with. The strobe cannot be AC powered, so once the battery is depleted you’ll need to recharge or swap batteries before you can continue shooting.

Modifier Compatible. This light features a Profoto mount design that is compatible with our various Profoto-mount modifiers.

Profoto B10 Plus OCF Flash Head

Case - Profoto B10 Plus OCF

Charger - Non-Polarized Cable

Strobe Accessory - Profoto B10 Battery

Strobe Accessory - Profoto B10 OCF Battery Charger 3A

Strobe Accessory - Profoto B10 OCF Rubber Flat Cap

Strobe Accessory - Profoto OCF Stand Adapter