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AlienBees DB800 Flash Unit
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AlienBees DB800 Flash Unit

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The AlienBees DB800 is the latest in the line of AlienBees strobes from Paul C. Buff and an update to the very popular AlienBees B800. Key features include:

  • 320 Ws maximum flash output

  • Seven f-stop range (full to 1/64 power)

  • Video friendly

  • Compatible with a wide range of PCB modifiers

Best of Both Worlds. The DB800 takes the digital LCD and control layout from the Einstein E640, and the B800’s cost-friendly basic performance, and puts them in a housing that’s noticeably smaller than either.

Output. Like its predecessor, the DB00 offers 320 Ws maximum flash output, yet improves on performance with a seven f-stop range (full to 1/64 power) that’s adjustable in 1/10 f-stop increments. Full power recycle time has been reduced to one second.

Video Friendly. That’s not a typo. The DB800 uses an LEDmodeling light that outputs 400-watt equivalent daylight-balanced light (5600ºK) at 90 CRI. There’s even the option to disable flash function just in case you accidentally hit the test button.

Triggering. There’s a 1/8-inch sync input with included 15-foot PC-sync cable for hard-wired triggering, optical slave eye for wireless triggering from another strobe, and eight-pin port input for use with the CyberSync system.

Build. Don’t let its small footprint fool you; the DigiBee is a well-equipped workhorse with features like a high-impact polycarbonate housing, internal fan, and metal 5/8-inch stand mount.

Modifier Compatibility. The DB800 uses the standard Paul C. Buff mount, so all of our existing Westcott rapid box modifiers are compatible. We include the standard 7-inch reflector that’s compatible with the AlienBees Honeycomb Grids. Additionally, the strobe offers a 3/8-inch umbrella mount that’s compatible with just about everything out there.

Just a heads up, the optical slave on these units is quite a bit weaker than the previous alienbees. We whole heartedly recommend using Pocket Wizards to trigger them instead of relying on the optical slave.

Wattseconds- 5 Ws (min. power) to 320 Ws (max. power)

Power Variability- 7 f-stop range (full to 1/64 power)

Recycle to 100%- 1 second

Recycle to Half Power (-1.04F)- 0.5 seconds

Flash Duration (t.1)- 1/975 second (at full power)

Typical Performance with Vagabond VLX- 1 second recycle to full power (100%), approx. 1000 full power flashes per battery charge, approx. 1.75 hour runtime with modeling lamp ONLY (at full power), approx. 3.75 hour runtime with modeling lamp ONLY (at half power)

Average Current Draw- 7 amps average (10 amps peak/surge current draw)

Sync / Trigger Voltage- less than 6 volts

Modeling Lamp- 400 Watt equivalent (75 Watt permanent LED bulb), 25,000 to 50,000 hour typical lifespan (at full brightness, longer at lower brightness), high color rendering index (CRI > 90)

Flashtube- 14mm single-ring flashtube (daylight-balanced and UV-coated at 5600K)

Stand Mount- fits stand connection studs up to 5/8"

Umbrella Mount- fits umbrella poles up to 3/8"

Weight- 2.9 pounds

Dimensions- 4.75 inches (width) across the front, 5.25 inches (length) with the shipping cover in place, 7.25 inches (height) from the top of the antennae to the housing base - with stand mount collapsed

AlienBees DB800 Flash Unit

AlienBees Cap for DigiBee DB800

AlienBees Reflector

Case - PCB DigiBee Carrying Bag

Charger - 3 Prong Down-Angle Power Cord 15ft

Strobe Trigger - PC to Mini 1/8" 15ft