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Profoto D1 500Ws Air Monolight
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Profoto D1 500Ws Air Monolight

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The Profoto D1 500W/s Monolight is the first generation work horse of Profoto’s Air lineup.

  • 7-stop power range in 1/10th stop increments

  • Built-in Profoto Air System

  • 0.95 Sec. Recycling Max. Power @120V

  • 300 Watt Modeling Light

The Profoto D1 500W/s Monolight has all the features that we’ve come to expect from Profoto over the years: short flash duration, rapid recycling, a bright 300W modeling lamp and heavy-duty cabling are all on-board.

Profoto Air System technology replaces the sync cord, allowing the head to be remotely triggered from as much as 300 meters (1000 feet) away using a Profoto Air Remote or Air Remote Transceiver. The Air Sync provides wireless triggering (8 channels) via hot shoe or mini plug, while the Air Remote provides wireless triggering as well as full-function head control over 8 channels in 6 distinct groups.

Modeling lamp operation is user-selectable: On/Off/Proportional and Free (manual). There is also a selectable flash confirmation (dimming) feature in addition to an audible, fully-recycled tone.

Modifier Compatible. This light features a Profoto mount design that is compatible with our various Profoto-mount modifiers.

If you need an all-in-one solution, check out the Profoto D1 Air 500/500 2-Light Kit.



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Lighting Type

Strobe Lighting

Profoto D1 500Ws Air Monolight

Cable - Profoto D1 Power 16.4ft

Case - Profoto Bag XS

Strobe Accessory - Profoto Plastic Flat Cap

Strobe Trigger - PC to Mini 1/8" 15ft