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We are accepting the resumes for the following positions!

Shipping and Receiving – Full Time (Concord, MA)

It’s one of the most important jobs in the company: get gear out the door. And close after that, check it all back in and test that it’s all still in perfect condition. If you are organized, are a hands on person and love working with a team this position is calling your name.

What You’ll Be Doing:

  • Processing orders, pulling gear and prepping it for shipment.
  • Processing returns and checking them back into inventory.
  • Cleaning, testing and troubleshooting returned gear.
  • Organizing gear and tracking inventory.
  • Answering Phones/Customer Service.
  • Manage Repairs.

About You:

You love to organize and get a thrill out of wrapping presents and watching others open them. You often tinker with things that are broken or have always wanted to learn how things work. You secretly like working against the clock and give it some sass when you beat it…again and again. You thrive when working with others. You like sharing your ideas with others and coming up with a master plan as a team. So maybe you haven’t done an Iron Man or even a Tough Mudder, but you could lift a soft-coated Wheaten Terrier into your car and carry a cinder block or two down the block. You have knowledge of photo or video gear and love learning new things. Overall, your life would be complete just being in the same room as all of the gear and Pelican Cases.

Required Qualifications:

  • Video experience.
  • Ability to lift 50 lbs.

Basic Requirements:

  • Photography Experience.
  • Must have reliable transportation.
  • Flexible with hours.
  • Technical knowledge of gear and willingness to learn.
  • Knowledge of MAC platform.
  • Basic problem solving.
  • Ability to work well under timed pressure.
  • Must be organized.
  • Must be willing to follow directions as well at times take initiative.
  • Attentive to details.

How To Apply:

1 Send your resume to with subject "Shipping Position"

2 Also include why you’d be perfect for this role

Customer Service Team Member – Full Time (Concord, MA)

We never want to be the largest, just the best at what we do. Our customer service team is the heart and sole of that statement. If you generally just LOVE talking to people and have a great knowledge of gear this position will satisfy your thirst for feeling like you’ve done a good deed, over and over again.

What You’ll Be Doing:

  • Answering the phones with a smiley voice, even if you were just on the phone a zillion times before that. Don’t worry. Our customers are fantastic and most don’t bite!
  • Walk customers through gear and assist with any usage questions.
  • Explain rental process to customers.
  • Complete orders and process them for the shipping department.
  • Identify needs and problems and provide prompt resolutions.
  • Express flexibility to troubleshoot problems and provide solutions.
  • Monitor incoming orders and analyze them for issues.

About You:

You flourish when someone asks you for advice and when you can solve problems. You work fantastically in a team and have previous experience doing so. You are a multitasking machine. People sometimes wonder how you managed to accomplish all you did in one day. You’re a computer nerd and could rival Mike Duval, our office know it all, about gear. Even if you aren’t a "Mike Duval" (we know they are one in a million) you have an open mind and are a fast learner. You like keeping up to date on what’s new and look forward to the opportunity to be one of the first to have your hands on new gear – a little bragging to your friends is acceptable! You are quick on your feet and have problem solving skills that would impress Walter White. Last, and most important, you don’t mind there being a Razor Scooter at your desk when you start. We’re also looking for people to join our synchronized scooting team…

Required Qualifications:

  • Knowledge of MAC platform.
  • PATIENCE… it’s a gift but a legit qualification.
  • At least 2 years experience as photographer.
  • Able to multitask and stay focused amidst all of the fun shiny toys.
  • Strong written and oral communications both to customers and coworkers (co-friends as we like to call them).
  • Can self-start and maintain a positive, upbeat attitude. You are not a robot. (Even though robots are cool.)
  • Able to adapt to change.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Previous customer service experience.
  • Video Experience.
  • Fast typers are a plus.

How To Apply:

Send your resume to with subject "Customer Service Team"

Send us a jpg of a photo or link to a video and explain what gear you used and why you chose that.

Also include On a scale of 1-10 what’s your knowledge of gear 1 being "I have my camera and few lenses and am very happy knowing those!" and 10 being "I should write manuals for Canon and Nikon."