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Rental Order Questions


Do you require a security deposit?

We are able to process most orders without a security deposit, however, we have a team of boring “suits” who help us review orders based on a selection of criteria. Upon on their review, a fully-refundable deposit may occasionally be required.

When does my rental start & end?

Your rental starts the day your gear arrives (generally in the afternoon) and ends on the day you ship the gear back to us. You choose the dates!

Do you accept reservations?

Yes, in fact we recommend them!

How quickly are orders processed?

We process orders on the day they are submitted (Monday-Friday) prior to our shipping cut-off time of 5:00pm Eastern Time. We’re fast! Orders submitted over the weekend are processed on Monday.

When will my credit / debit card be charged?

Your credit card will be charged 2 business days prior to order shipment. If your order is placed within a week of the scheduled arrival date you can roughly expect your order to be charged shortly after you submit it. For longer term reservations made weeks ahead of time, you can expect your cart to be charged 1 week prior to your rental start date.

Shipping Questions


When will my gear be shipped?

The outgoing shipment day varies based on several factors. We handle all of the logistics on our end to ensure your gear arrives on the day you specify.

What shipping carriers do you offer?

We offer both FedEx and UPS as shipping carriers.

When will my package be delivered?

For standard deliveries, FedEx and UPS packages will be delivered by “End of Day.” While that is not terribly specific, there are several factors that can affect delivery times, so it’s important that you’ll be available to sign for your package. If you sign up for FedEx Delivery Manager ( or UPS My Choice ( you’ll have the option to pre-sign for your package. Please note that even if you digitally sign, it is still up to the driver's discretion whether or not to leave your package. If they do not see a secure area to leave your package, they will not leave it. If they do leave it, you assume full responsibility for it, once the driver has scanned it as delivered.

Do I need to be home to sign?

YES! Someone will need to be home to sign for the package. UPS requires that person to be over the age of 18. Alternatively, you may use the FedEx Delivery Manager or UPS My Choice program to manage your packages & pre-sign for deliveries. Please note that even if you digitally sign, it is still up to the driver's discretion whether or not to leave your package. If they do not see a secure area to leave your package, they will not leave it. If they do leave it, you assume full responsibility for it, once the driver has scanned it as delivered.

Will you ship to me internationally?

Sadly, our shipments are limited to the 50 U.S. States.

What happens if I'm not home or I miss my delivery?

If you miss the UPS driver on your scheduled delivery date, two things can happen. First, you can wait until the following business day when FedEx or UPS will attempt delivery again. The second option is to pick up your package at the FedEx or UPS hub after they have made their first delivery attempt. You will need to contact the shipper's customer service to set this up. They will be able to help you with scheduling and availability of the will-call / hold / pick up process. All shipped orders are subject to the 4-Day minimum rental rate regardless of if the order is physically received. Please keep this in mind when ordering. Allow yourself an appropriate delivery buffer before a big shoot & avoid Friday deliveries whenever possible, as UPS does not run on the weekend.

Pick-Up Order Questions


Can I pick-up my order at the LensProToGo offices in Concord, MA?

Of course! We'd be happy to have you stop in to pick-up your order. It's sort of like getting backstage access to see your favorite band. You know, seeing the legends in action! Seriously though, we do offer special discounted pricing for pick-up orders that have no shipping involved. This discount applies only to orders that are picked-up and dropped off at our location. Simply choose the pick-up at LensProToGo option during checkout.
Pickup order

When will my pick-up order be ready / due back at the LensProToGo office?

Pick-up orders are ready (in most cases!) by 11a.m. on the start day of your rental. Earlier pick-up may be available between 9am-11am, provided we have your desired gear in stock on the day prior to your rental. Please call after 5pm the day before to inquire about an early pickup. Returning items are due by 4pm on the last day of your rental. Items returned after 4pm are subject to an additional rental day.

Can I pick-up at a FedEx or UPS Store?

Yes you can! Select "Pick-up" option during checkout, then use the zip code search to select the most convenient store for you. Please note that you'll need to notify your chosen FedEx or UPS Store ahead of your package's arrival to make sure they will accept your shipment. Also, because each UPS Store is independently owned and operated, they may charge a fee to accept your package, and you will be responsible for that fee upon pickup.
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How do I pick-up at a Hunt's Photo location?

It's super easy! Simply select the pick-up option, then select the Hunt's Photo location that's most convenient for you. We'll ship your order to that Hunt's location. The store will notify you via email when your order is ready, generally after 4pm. Returns are due before 3pm on the last day of your rental. Please note that there is a carrier fee associated with this shipping option.
Hunt's Photo

Returning Gear


Can I use a FedEx or UPS drop box to return my gear?

No. You only want to return gear to a staffed FedEx Location/Partner where you can get a receipt. Drop boxes may not adhere to the printed pickup schedule resulting in delays/fees. Additionally, the drop boxes are not fully secure and may result in gear loss that you'll be responsible for.

What is the cut-off time for returns?

This varies by FedEx and UPS Store and is generally between 12-5pm depending on the return service. Pay special attention to the supplied FedEx return label for Express vs. Ground service as they have different schedules. Returning past the outgoing cutoff time, even on your rental end date, may incur extensions and late fees.

What if I want to keep the gear longer (extend my rental)?

Its easy! Before 5pm (EST) on the last day of your rental, simply login to the website and visit the “My Account” section. In the "Currently Renting" tab, Click the red "Extend your rental" button. Then choose the new rental end date. In rare cases, due to limited quantity or scheduling, some items may not be eligible for extension.

What if I'm late returning my rental or don't extend on time?

Customers who do not return/extend their orders on time will be subject to a late fee plus the normal extension rate for each item on their order. Late fees are calculated at 25% of the 4-Day rate for each item on the order. For example: If the 4 Day rate on a lens is $100, the late fee cost would be $25/day + regular extension cost until an extension is scheduled at the regular rates. These costs can really add up & we hate charging them, so please keep us in the loop if you need to extend your rental or anticipate having any trouble with your return.
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Gear Questions


Is any software included with my rental for handling RAW files?

Software for the processing of RAW files is the sole responsibility of the renter. Please keep in mind that brand new cameras may not be supported immediately by your chosen software. Often times, support for the newest RAW files requires you to be up to date with the latest releases. This may require a paid upgrade to your software. Please keep this in mind when renting a newer camera than what you're currently shooting. For Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop users, don't forget about the free RAW to DNG converter software which is updated fairly regularly. This will allow you to convert camera specific RAW files to the open DNG standard which Lightroom will read. It can be found for Windows and Mac at the following link:
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What condition will the gear be in?

We strive to provide our customers with the best gear possible. It's our goal to never have our gear look or act like “rental” gear. Most items are only 6-18 months old.

Do you include protective filters?

We include B+W Protective XS-Pro Clear filters with most lenses that have a filter thread. Cine lenses, super-telephotos, and some ultra wide angle lenses do not have filters included as they usually don't have threads. You can see if the lens you'd like to rent includes a filter by clicking on the "Included" tab and viewing all the included items. Please note that this filter is a clear protective filter and not a UV filter. If you'd still like to rent a UV filter, just type "UV filter" in the search bar.

Damage or Loss Events


What happens if my gear arrives but does not work?

Despite the use of Pelican cases, sometimes accidents can happen during shipping. In the event of damage upon arrival, please notify us immediately. The sooner you can communicate any issues, the more options we’ll have in sourcing replacement gear for you.

What happens if I forget / lose a lens cap or other accessory?

When an order is received with items missing, we’ll charge the card on file for the replacement cost of the lost item. We’ll send you an email to notify you of the charge. If you are able to send the item back to us we will refund your card. Items are expected to be packed in a manner that ensures safe transit. Customers will be held responsible for gear that is damaged from inadequate packaging. Additionally, some items are integral to the operation of an item and may prohibit future rentals until the accessory is returned. In this case, additional rental days may be assessed until the accessory is returned or can be replaced.

What happens if I damage something during my rental?

Don’t worry, we won’t be mad, just let us know as soon as possible. We understand that accidents happen. When we receive a piece of gear that has been damaged, we will send you an email summarizing the damage based on our initial inspection. Any additional info you can provide about your experience is helpful and can be provided by replying to the initial damage email. Our team will then send the gear to be estimated & repaired. This process can take 1-4 weeks depending on the equipment. Once the item is repaired we will contact you with the cost and arrange payment. If you carry your own third party business insurance please note that we expect repair bills settled promptly by the responsible party. We will not work with your insurance company directly to settle claims.

What happens if the gear is lost or stolen?

In both scenarios, you’d be responsible for the new replacement value of the item.

Protection Plan


What do you consider damage?

Any major scratches or scuff marks on the glass and impact damage to the body or the mechanicals. Minor scuff marks to the barrel or hood are considered normal use, not damage. For most lenses, we include a protective filter to protect the front elelment.

What does the protection plan cover?

The protection plan is designed to cover accidental damage during your rental.

What is the deductible for the Protection Plan?

The deductible is based on 10% of the current new replacement cost of an item. For example, if you dropped a lens that cost $1800, and the repair cost $600, you’d only be responsible for 10% of the cost of the lens, being $180. If the repair cost ends up being less than the 10% figure, you will only be responsible for that amount.

What is not covered by the protection plan?

Loss, theft, water, or sand / particulate damage.

What if I have my own insurance?

That is great. Just be sure that you’re actually covered for rental equipment. Please understand that the nature of our business does not allow us to wait for insurance companies for payment. We will work directly with the renter to settle financial obligations immediately.

What is covered by the Protection Plan Plus?

Protection Plan Plus offers the same protection as the standard plan for accidental damage to the equipment. Additionally, it protects you against certain situations that make it impossible to return the equipment that you rented.

Was the equipment stolen? You’re covered. Did it get sucked up in a tornado? You’re covered. Did it fall off an aircraft (seriously)? You’re covered.

Just like with the standard Protection Plan, your liability is limited to 10% of the replacement value of the covered equipment.

In cases of a total loss of the equipment (as opposed to damage), you must provide LensProToGo with documentation of the loss, as well as allow for an investigation into the claim before your liability is limited.

Please keep in mind that Protection Plan Plus does not cover loss in transit or confiscation by airline/TSA. Any damage/loss caused by water is not covered.

Liability for unreturned equipment is only limited when it is impossible for the Lessee to return the equipment to the Lessor due to one of the following conditions:
  • Theft;
  • Fire;
  • Lightning;
  • Windstorm;
  • Earth Movement;
  • Breakage;
  • Dropped from or fell off aircraft.

I paid for the Protection Plan Plus, and the equipment was stolen from me. Now what?

First, call or email us and let us know what has happened. If it was stolen from you, you’ll need to provide us with a police report. If something else happened to the equipment, we may ask for other documentation including a statement of what happened. After that, we’ll ask you to pay the deductible. In some cases, LensProToGo or an agent acting on our behalf may contact you again regarding the loss. If our investigation uncovers evidence that the equipment can be returned, whatever the condition, then the equipment must be returned or you must pay 100% of the replacement value of the equipment.

On high-value equipment, can Protection Plan Plus take the place of the COI requirement?

Yes. On some high-value equipment, we typically ask for a certificate of insurance covering rented production insurance. Purchasing Protection Plan Plus will waive that requirement in most cases.

Rental Rewards Program


What is the Rental Rewards Program?

Rental Rewards is a way for our customers to earn credit towards rentals through continued use of the service.
Rental Rewards, Loyalty

How does the Rental Rewards program work?

Think of it like a frequent customer punch card. Complete 7 orders and you’ll get a credit towards a free rental on your eighth order. The amount of credit earned will be based on the average rental dollars spent (after coupons/discounts, shipping fees, and taxes) for your past 7 orders.
Rental Rewards, Loyalty Program

When do I earn a punch for my rental?

Rewards punches are awarded once all gear & accessories have been returned and your order has been finalized. This usually takes place roughly 2-5 business days after your gear is received. You can view your Rental Reward status and current order average in the "Rental Rewards" section of the "My Account" page.
Rental Rewards, Loyalty Program

How do I redeem my Rental Rewards?

Once earned, your Rental Rewards credit will be added to your account automatically. You will see it both on your account page and as a payment method option on the billing page during order checkout.
Rental Rewards, Loyalty Program

Are there any restrictions on Rental Rewards credit?

Orders placed with Rental Rewards credit are not eligible for any additional coupons, discounts, or promotions. Rental Rewards may only be applied to one rental transaction. If the amount of the LPTG Rental Rewards credit exceeds the rental fees when applied, the remaining balance of Rewards credit is forfeited.
Rental Rewards, Loyalty Program

Do Rental Reward credits expire?

Yes. You have a 12 month window to use your rental rewards credit from the date of issue.
Rental Rewards, Loyalty Program

Can I use Rental Rewards to purchase used gear?

Unfortunately, no. Rental Rewards credit are only applicable to Rental Orders.

Is there a limit on how much Rental Reward credit I can earn?

Nope. The higher your order average, the bigger your reward. Complete 7 orders for your clients and use your credit for that personal project you’ve been putting off. Everyone wins!
Rental Rewards, Loyalty Program

Gear Sale Questions


Do you sell used equipment?

All of our used gear gets listed at Simply use the Rent/Buy toggle button near the search bar and set it to "Buy" to search what we have available for sale. The inventory changes rapidly, so keep checking if you're looking for something in particular.