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Meet Us

We hand draw robots fighting dinosaurs on the cardboard boxes that we ship our gear in when our customers ask us to.

Well... at least that is why our customers say we go 'above and beyond'. Oh! We also include a special treat in every rental. We don't want anyone getting a sugar low! Speaking of rentals, we're LensProToGo! An online, nationwide, photo and video rental company that ships all over the US. We make getting the gear photographers and filmmakers want SUPER easy and safe. They can order online while sitting on their couch and it shows up at their front door, 5 steps away. (Up to 53 steps away if they have a super fancy house.) Even better, we ship everything in Pelican Cases so it's journey across the states is as safe as can be!

We can even ship to hotels, which is great for those who are traveling but don't want to carry the gear on the plane. We're all photographers and filmmakers too so we know the hassle of taking the gear through an airport. And since I mentioned it, it's a requirement that every person working here is a pro shooter. It's something we're extremely proud of. We want to act as a great resource for our customers when they have questions (and boy do we get a lot of them!). To date, there isn't a question we haven't been able to answer. We can even answer any questions about Star Wars, thanks to our office nerd, Ben. Just something we like to offer on the side!

When it all comes down to it, we're one of the nations largest online rental companies, run by a family of 12 co-workers who have no intentions on being the largest, just the best at what we do. Nothing will ever change that.

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Position: Head Honcho – I planned this party!

Photography Specialty: People. Especially my three girls as they are growing up.

Favorite Thing About Working Here: Knowing I get to work with some amazing people who also care about making our company exceptionally wonderful for all of our customers!

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Position: Captain Handsome & In House Ninja – I resolve problems and gear issues, by karate chopping them in half of course. When I'm not doing that I'm spending Paul's money buying new gear.

Photography Specialty: People. My wife and I photograph weddings together.

Favorite Thing About Working Here: The team of people working here. They never stop working for our customers. It’s amazing to see.

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Position: Customer Service Specialist/Office Know It All – If you’ve written an email to our service dept., that’s me answering!  

Photography Specialty: Weddings, engagements and cars. I shoot with my wife, Kate!

Favorite Thing About Working Here: Getting to help people figure out the best gear for their shoot.  Its awesome hearing about all the different types of work our customers do. If I can help improve the outcome of a project, thats a great feeling.

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Position: Director of Sales – If you’ve called asking us to support your project, you’ve talked to me! I’m always looking for creative people we should work with.

Photography Specialty: Beauty Portraiture

Favorite Thing About Working Here: The INSANE amount of gear and the ability to provide our customers with honest and open advice when it comes to their equipment rental needs.

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Position: Customer Service Specialist – Also known in the office as The Director of Awesome. I talk to all of our new customers to make sure they know our process. Looking to place your first rental? Get ready for a fantastic conversation most likely including dinosaurs and Star Wars.

Photography Specialty: Weddings to pay the bills. Wildlife and Landscapes for fun!

Favorite Thing About Working Here: All of the shiny things and the ‘Quotes of the Week’…but you’ll have to get a job here to understand that part of it!

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Position: Marketing Brains – From industry and creative partnerships, planning trade shows, branding, social media, sponsoring workshops, running the blog, cake baking and more, I do it all. When I’m not traveling you can find me buried behind computer screens with headphones on and an endless supply of Cooler Ranch Dorito’s for hours on end!

Photography Specialty: Product photography in the studio and on location

Favorite Thing About Working Here: Meeting people who have used our service and hearing how we changed their business. It’s such a cool feeling to know you were part of that.

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POSITION: Customer Service Specialist - If you've called us, chances are you've talked to me and had a wicked awesome converstaion that you'll remember for the rest of your life.  I may even end up in your will...its happened before.

WHAT I SHOOT: Wedding Photography!

MY FAVORITE THING ABOUT WORKING HERE: Definitely the people I get to work with.  Nothing lifts my spirits like an inter office Nerf war.  But seriously, shooting weddings together, after work drinks and general tom foolery make working here like starring in a t.v. show about working for the coolest lens rental company in the industry. 

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Position: Gear Repair Man - Sorry, I don’t do house calls but I do make sure all of your gear is squeaky clean and performing like a sleek Italian sports car before sending it out the door!

Photography Specialty: People! Weddings, portraits, sports, I’ll shoot it all.

Favorite Thing About Working Here: I get to play with awesome gear all day long and my coworkers are fabulous!

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Position: Facebook ‘Face’ and Office Assistant – Day to day I'm either on Facebook talking to customers, running our 52 Week photo project on Flickr, or simply getting it done in the office. Horrible job, right? Who knew running a Facebook page was work?!

Photography Specialty: Pets! Four legs, two legs, big or small, I’ll photograph them all!

Favorite Thing About Working Here: The staff! I learn something new from my coworkers every single day and there is never a day without a good laugh.

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