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Meet Us

We hand draw robots fighting dinosaurs on the cardboard boxes that we ship our gear in when our customers ask us to.

Well... at least that is why our customers say we go 'above and beyond'. Oh! We also include a special treat in every rental. We don't want anyone getting a sugar low! Speaking of rentals, we're LensProToGo! An online, nationwide, photo and video rental company that ships all over the US. We make getting the gear photographers and filmmakers want SUPER easy and safe. They can order online while sitting on their couch and it shows up at their front door, 5 steps away. (Up to 53 steps away if they have a super fancy house.) Even better, we ship everything in Pelican Cases so it's journey across the states is as safe as can be!

We can even ship to hotels, which is great for those who are traveling but don't want to carry the gear on the plane. We're all photographers and filmmakers too so we know the hassle of taking the gear through an airport. And since I mentioned it, it's a requirement that every person working here is a pro shooter. It's something we're extremely proud of. We want to act as a great resource for our customers when they have questions (and boy do we get a lot of them!). To date, there isn't a question we haven't been able to answer. We can even answer any questions about Star Wars, thanks to our office nerd, Ben. Just something we like to offer on the side!

When it all comes down to it, we're one of the nations largest online rental companies, run by a family of 12 co-workers who have no intentions on being the largest, just the best at what we do. Nothing will ever change that.

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