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Profoto A10 AirTTL-N Studio Light for Nikon
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Profoto A10 AirTTL-N Studio Light for Nikon

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*up to 2nd day air - overnight available

The Profoto A10 AirTTL-N Studio Light for Nikon is the follow-up to the Profoto A1x AirTTL-N with a groundbreaking update allowing you to use this strobe with your smartphone. Key features include:

  • Built-in Profoto AirTTL, AirX

  • Powerful flash with 0.05 to 1 second recycle

  • High-capacity li-ion battery with fast recharge

  • Bluetooth smartphone sync

What’s Changed. The Profoto A10 has been upgraded with our new Bluetooth enabled technology AirX. Meaning you can both capture and control the A10 using your smartphone. So from now on you can unleash the full power of the A10 no matter what camera you use. Making Profoto A10 a truly future proof product.

Professional-Quality Compact Flash. Don’t let the A10 AirTTL-N Studio Light’s compact build fool you—it’s a Profoto light through and through. Its round 2.75-inch tilting and rotating head produces stunning, natural-looking light with soft, gradual fall-off. It boasts an LED modeling light to help you set up your shots, and a built-in magnetic mount that lets you easily install, uninstall, and stack the included dome diffuser and bounce card. The head’s auto-zoom covers focal lengths from 32 to 105mm.

Fast, Powerful Performance. The A10 gives you an array of flash durations from 1/800 to 1/20,000 second, while using High-Speed Sync lets you shoot at shutter speeds as fast as 1/8,000 second for great background blur when using a wide aperture. Its 0.05- to 1-second recycle time is markedly faster than most other flashes in its class, so you won’t have to worry about missing your shot.

Versatility. The A10 is a superlative on-camera flash, but it also excels in off-camera applications. Its built-in transceiver means you can use it with A1A1X, B1, B1X, and B10 strobes. Any Air Remote wireless controller can trigger the A10 at up to 1,000 feet, and the Air Sync will let you wirelessly trigger the A10, and adjust its power, grouping, channel-selection, and modeling-light settings. Better yet, the built-in AirTTL lets you use the A10 to easily connect to and control other Profoto flashes.

High-Capacity Battery with Fast Recharge. The lithium-ion battery provides about 450 full-power flashes per charge with no performance fade, or up to thousands of flashes when you lower the power output. You can’t use an AC adapter to power this strobe—it’s battery-powered only. Once its battery is depleted, you’ll have to swap or recharge it before you can continue shooting.

Intuitive Design. In true Profoto fashion, the A10’s simple interface and large, white-on-black LED combine to make it easy to use right out of the box. The updated interface is similar to the B10’s newer menu system.

Q & A

  • Need a spare battery?
    • We offer spares of the battery if you need more than the one that comes standard with the flash.

  • Does this rental include an AC adapter?
    • You can’t use an AC adapter to power this strobe—it’s battery-powered only. Once its battery is depleted, you’ll have to swap or recharge it before you can continue shooting.

  • Does this rental include a neck/shoulder strap?
    • This rental doesn’t include a neck/shoulder strap. If you’d like one, please request it in the Special Instructions box during checkout.

  • Resources

  • Manual
  • iOS Profoto App
  • Bluetooth


    Bounce Head





    3 × 4.3 × 6.5″

    Exposure Compensation

    -3 EV to +3 EV (in 1/3 EV steps)

    Exposure Control

    Manual, TTL

    Flash Duration

    1/800 to 1/20000 Second

    Flash Ready Indicator


    Item Type

    Lighting and Flash

    Lighting Type

    Strobe Lighting


    Nikon F

    Power Range

    1/1 to 1/256 (Auto)

    Recycle Time

    Approx. 1 Second

    Remote Timing Modes

    Instant Sync

    Swivel Head



    1.23 lbs.

    Wireless Communication Channels


    Wireless Groups


    Wireless Operation

    Method: RF
    Distance: Up to 1000’ / 304.80m
    Mode: Primary, Secondary

    Zoom Head

    Full Frame: 32 – 105 mm

    Profoto A10 AirTTL-N Studio Light for Nikon

    Case - Profoto A1 Flash

    Charger - Non-Polarized Cable

    Modifiers - Profoto A1 Bounce Card

    Modifiers - Profoto A1 Bounce Card Holder

    Modifiers - Profoto Clic Dome Diffuser

    Strobe Accessory - Profoto A1 Battery Charger

    Strobe Accessory - Profoto A1 Flash Stand

    Strobe Accessory - Profoto A1X Battery (100498)