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Nikon SB-5000 Speedlight
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Nikon SB-5000 Speedlight

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*up to 2nd day air - overnight available

The Nikon SB-5000 Speedlight is Nikon’s flagship hot shoe flash and an update to the SB-910 workhorse. Key features include:

  • Wireless control of up to 6 groups of flashes

  • 24-200mm zoom range

  • 97° tilting 360º rotating head

  • Fast recycle time

Wireless Secondary Operation. The SB-5000 features a built-in radio receiver for wireless flash operation with select cameras. As of January 2016, this feature is limited to the Nikon D5D500, and D850 cameras and requires the use of the Nikon WR-R10 / T10 / A10 Wireless Remote Adapter Set. This enables the camera and flash to wirelessly control up to 6 groups of flashes from up to 98 feet away free from line-of-sight restrictions. Alternately, the SB-5000 is always fully compatible with the older optical triggering system found in the previous-generation Nikon speedlights.

Output. The SB-5000 offers a zoom range of 24-200mm (full-frame equivalent), a retractable 14mm wide panel, and flash output of GN: 113’ @ ISO 100/35mm. Slow, high-speed, 1st, and 2nd curtain options are all available in full sync mode, while a speedy recycle time of 1.8-2.6 seconds is possible using four AA-batteries.

Stay Cool, Shoot Longer. The SB-5000 features an innovative built-in cooling system, a first for shoe-mounted flashes. It dissipates heat quickly and effectively, letting you fire up to 100 consecutive flashes at full power. It also means that the flash can be made smaller without compromising performance.

Functionality. The SB-5000 has a full 360º of rotation and 97º of tilt. A new design allows for fast and intuitive operation with an Info button giving you quick access to some of your most commonly used settings.

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Nikon SB-5000 Speedlight

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