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Sony HVL-F60RM Wireless Radio Flash
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Sony HVL-F60RM Wireless Radio Flash

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The Sony HVL-F60RM Wireless Radio Flash is Sony’s flagship radio-triggered flash for E-mount cameras. Unlike the HVL-F60M, it has a built-in radio receiver. Key features include:

  • Built-in 2.4 GHz transceiver with 98-foot range

  • GN60 flash output at 90 feet

  • Zoom range of 20-200mm

  • Intuitive Quick Navi interface

What’s New? The Sony HVL-F60RM offers a few features that the A-mount HVL-F60M lacks. Its built-in 2.4 GHz transceiver lets it act as either a commander or remote in Sony’s existing wireless radio system without the need for a separate radio receiver, its recycle time has been reduced to 1.7 seconds and it offers up to four times greater heat resistance for added reliability. It’s not all good news, though. This flash lacks the HVL-F60M’s AF assist beam, so it’s probably not your best choice for low-light event photography.

Quick Navi Interface. This flash’s intuitive Quick Navi menu system lets you easily adjust all of its settings.

Guide Number: 60. This flash offers a powerful guide number of 60 at 90 feet.

Useful Zoom Range. Covers a zoom range of 20-200mm with a retractable wide-angle panel for up to 14mm coverage.

High-Speed Sync Mode. It has a high-speed flash-sync mode for shooting with shutter speeds up to 1/4000th seconds, albeit at a lower flash output.

Multi-Interface Shoe Connection. This flash uses Sony’s Multi-Interface Shoe connection to communicate with the camera body.

Quick-Shift Bounce System. The HVL-F60RM’s Quick-Shift Bounce system makes flash repositioning simple. It tilts from -8° to 150° and a total of 180° of rotation.

High-Quality Build. It has a dust- and moisture-resistant build for working in less-than-optimal conditions, and the included folding flash stand allows for simple off-camera use. The flash is powered by four AA batteries.

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Sony HVL-F60RM Wireless Radio Flash

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