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Profoto A2 Compact Monolight

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The Profoto A2 Compact Monolight is an ultra-compact prosumer flash head designed for off-camera wireless use. Key features include:

  • 100Ws maximum output; 10-stop power range

  • Compact, lightweight build for maximum portability

  • Built-in AirX compatibility; full TTL control and HSS

  • Compatible with Profoto Air and Connect Pro remotes

Ultra-Portable Monolight. The Profoto A2 Compact Monolight is a lightweight, ultra-compact flash head that’s equally suited to location photography and run-and-gun shooting. It’s small enough to carry in your jacket pocket, but versatile and powerful enough to be useful in just about any location.

Flash Output. The A2 offers a 100Ws maximum output, with 10 stops of adjustment in 1/10-stop increments and a full-power maximum recycle time of 1.6 seconds.

Built for Off-Camera Use. This light was designed for wireless, off-camera use. It features built-in AirX functionality and is compatible with Profoto Air and Connect Pro remotes. You can sync the A2 with any camera that has a hot shoe, and you can use the light’s built-in Bluetooth functionality to capture images with a smartphone

Additional Features. The A2 is compatible with Profoto Clic light-shaping tools. A built-in reflector and lens to give you a natural light spread with a smooth fall-off, a removable stand adapter with integrated 5/8-inch umbrella mount is compatible with just about everything out there, and there’s a 2.1 W LED modeling light with a 3500K color temperature to help you get your shot just right. The light has an intuitive interface presented on a large, easy-to-read high-res display, and it’s fully compatible with the same batteries and chargers as Profoto A-series flashes.




Flash Head

Maximum Power

  • 0.1 to 100 Ws
Power Control
  • 10 Stops in 1/10-Stop Increments
Flash Duration
  • t.1: 1/350 Sec (Full Power)
  • t.1: 1/26,000 Sec
  • t.5: 1/1200 Sec (Full Power) 1/56,000 Sec
Recycle Time
  • 0.1 to 1.6 Sec
Color Temperature
  • 5800K +/- 100K
Flash Ready Indicator
  • Audio, Visual
Accessory Fitting Type
  • Profoto




  • LCD
  • 5/8" / 16mm Receptacle
Fan Cooled
  • No
Operating Temperature
  • 32 to 95°F
Dimensions (H x W x L)
  • 3.1 × 3.1 × 5.0″
  • 1.7 lbs.


Item Type


Lighting Type

Strobe Lighting

Modeling Light


  • LED
Base Type
  • Proprietary
  • 2.1 W
Color Temperature
  • 3500K



External Battery


Sync Type

  • Infrared, Optical, Radio
Built-In Wireless Receiver
  • Yes
Wireless Frequency Bands
  • 2.4 GHz
Wireless Channels / Groups
  • 100 / 6
Wireless Range
  • 330’ / 100.6m (Radio)
  • USB Type-C


Profoto A2 Compact Monolight

Case - Profoto A2 Monolight

Charger - Non-Polarized Cable

Strobe Accessory - Profoto A1 Battery Charger

Strobe Accessory - Profoto A1X Battery (100498)

Strobe Accessory - Profoto A2 Stand Adapter