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Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2 85mm T1.5 Super Speed (EF)
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Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2 85mm T1.5 Super Speed (EF)

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The Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2 85mm T1.5 Super Speed (EF) is a cine-lens designed for use with DSLR cameras. Key features include:

  • EF mount only

  • Low distortion and excellent color matching

  • Geared manual iris and focus rings

  • Fourteen-blade aperture diaphragm

Fast-Aperture Cinema Lens. The Zeiss CP.2 Super Speed lenses are a line of fast-aperture cinema lenses within the CP.2 family. Compared to the standard CP.2 lenses, they not only offer the ability to shoot in lower light, but also have an improved optics system that features two aspheric elements and two abnormal partial-dispersion elements. This corrects for optical aberrations, paving the way for even higher-quality imaging.

Low Distortion and Color-Matched Optics. Like the rest of the line of CP.2 lenses, the CP.2 85mm has a fourteen-blade aperture ring for smooth out-of-focus highlights and tight mechanical tolerances for precision adjustments. Across the board, the low distortion and color-matched optics make it simple to incorporate any of the CP.2 lenses into your shoot without having to worry about matching issues in post.

High-Quality Build. The CP.2s are built in a durable cine-style housing with geared manual iris and focus rings, and accurate lens-calibration scales.

Mount Type EF mount
Lens Body Markings In imperial measurements (feet)
Focal Length 85 mm
Aperture T1.5 - 22
Close Focus Distance From image plane: 3.3 ft (1 m)
Angle of View 17°
Weight 2 lbs (.9 kg)

Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2 85mm T1.5 Super Speed (EF)

114mm Cine Lens Cap

Canon EF Rear Lens Cap

Mount - Zeiss 1846-494 EF