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Sigma Cine 50-100mm T2 (Canon EF)
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Sigma Cine 50-100mm T2 (Canon EF)

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Sigma's 50-100 T2.0 Cine Zoom Lens Canon EF Mount lenses have us buzzing in the office. It's everything we love about the APS-C 50-100 f/1.8 brought to a Cine housing with a constant T2.0 aperture. Made for Super 35 sensors, these lenses are color balanced with the other Sigma Cine lenses, like the 18-35 T2.0 to make post a snap. They'll support 6K and 8K resolution, perfect for the newer RED Weapon cameras like the Epic-W and Scarlet-W. We love the direction Sigma went for the front elements; they have a 95mm front diameter so they should fit in most matte boxes. BUT, they are threaded to take 82mm threaded front filters also! Meaning you can easily use 82mm Vari-ND filters to give a sorely missed feature to cameras like the REDs. The zoom, iris, and focus are all geared with .08M pitch and each has it's own great characteristics. The zoom has a 160 degree rotational angle so you can be super precise. The iris ring is linear to make T-stop pulls clean and intuitive. The focus ring goes a full 180 degrees for spot-on pulls. The lens also features a built-in support with 2x 1/4"-20 threaded holes which work great with our lens supports

Focal Length
T2.0 to T 16
Number of 
Diaphragm Blades

(Rounded diaphragm)
Close Focus
0.95m / 3′2″
Image Coverage
S35 Digital Φ28.4
Front diameter
Filter Size
LengthEF mount

WeightEF mount

31.5° - 16.0°
31.7° - 16.1°

Canon EF Rear Lens Cap

Hood - Sigma LC950-01 Cap

Tripod Foot - Sigma Cine SF-41