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Wooden Camera 15mm Universal Lens Support
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Wooden Camera 15mm Universal Lens Support

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The Wooden Camera 15mm Universal Lens Support is necessary video support accessory for use with heavy video lenses. Key features include:

  • 15mm LWS

  • Supports heavy video lenses

  • Reduces stress on camera mount

  • Solution for lens with and without support threading

15mm LWS. This lens support is designed for the 15mm Light Weight Support rod standard, which is the industry standard and compatible with any of our 15mm support systems.

Video Lens Support. No matter how strong a camera’s mount is, hanging a 15-inch, 20-pound lens off the front of it without support is never a good idea. Most cameras these days couldn’t stand up to a fraction of that stress load. If the camera feels even slightly front heavy with lens mounted when holding the body, it’s best to use a 15mm support system.

Multiple Mounting Options. The Wooden 15mm ULSincludes mounting options for 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 threaded lenses, as well as a rolling y-bracket for lenses that don’t have a threaded support foot.


Wooden Camera

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Shoulder Mount and Baseplate

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Camera Support

Wooden Camera 15mm Universal Lens Support

Hardware - Wooden Universal Lens Support

Video Support - Wooden ULS 15mm LWS

Video Support - Wooden ULS Rolling Y Bracket

Video Support - Wooden ULS Tightening Knob