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Bright Tangerine Revolvr Follow Focus
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Bright Tangerine Revolvr Follow Focus

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The Bright Tangerine Revolvr Follow Focus is our favorite manual follow focus in quite some time. This system is made in Germany and it definitely feels like it. Super smooth and robust. The heart of the system is a bridge with swing arm designed to easily attach to 15mm rails with an excellent quick-release system. Simply slide onto (or on top of) the rails and close the lever and the system will clamp onto the rails with the appropriate force. No more thumbscrews to tighten into oblivion! Two different 0.8 mod pitch gears are included, the smaller diameter 35 tooth and the larger diameter 43 tooth. Use the smaller gear to get more distance out of your pulls; use the larger gear for more precision. One handwheel comes with 2x hard stops and one without any stops so you can fine tune your system to your particular needs. Each wheel can be used independently or in combination. You don't even have to use a handwheel at all if you'd prefer to use the included speed crank or whip; either will attach to the bridge without either handwheel to keep your rig nice and svelte.

Don't forget to add on Lens Gears if you aren't using Cine Lenses!

Bright Tangerine Revolvr 15mm Bridge w/ Swing Arm

Bright Tangerine Revolvr Handwheel w/ 2 Hard Stops

Bright Tangerine Revolvr Handwheel

Bright Tangerine Revolvr 0.8 43 Tooth Gear

Bright Tangerine Revolvr 0.8 35 Tooth Gear

Bright Tangerine Revolvr 10" Whip

Bright Tangerine Revolvr 4D Speed Crank