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Fujinon MS-01 Rear Zoom and Focus Lens Control Kit
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Fujinon MS-01 Rear Zoom and Focus Lens Control Kit

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The Fujinon MS-01 Rear Zoom and Focus Lens Control Kit is a complete studio-style precision lens control system for select Fujinon lenses. Key features include:

  • Designed for select Fujinon ENG/EFP lenses

  • No rail system required

  • Studio ergonomics

  • Rugged build quality

Designed for Fujinon XA Lens Series. The Fujinon MS-01 Rear Zoom and Focus Lens Control Kit is designed to only work with ENG/EFP lenses and specifically Fujinon XA line of lenses like the Fujinon XA20SX8.5BERM-K3 B4 Lens.

No Rods Required. Unlike third party control kits, the MS-01 is natively compatible with Fujinon XA series lenses with a geared focus module that attaches directly to the barrel of compatible lenses and a zoom rocker that connects directly to the servo unit on select Fujinon ENG lenses.

Simple Studio Setup. The Fujinon MS-01 Rear Zoom and Focus Lens Control Kit can be put together quickly and without tools for use in the studio or in the field. Designed for standard two handed studio lens operation, this control system is user-friendly and compatible with a wide range of readily available tripods.

Rugged Build Quality. Fujinon knew that this kind of equipment would be put to hard use so they made sure to use high quality materials and construction techniques to make sure nothing would break down when you’re on set. The padded grips and integrated speed adjustments guarantee reliable precision for every shot.

Q & A

Is this compatible with all Fujinon lenses?

  • This control system is designed specifically for Fujinon ENG/EFP lenses. Currently, we can only recommend this with the Fujinon XA20SX8.5BERM-K3 B4 Lens.

  • This controller is not compatible with the Fujinon LA16x8BRM-XB1A, HA25, HA36X, or HA42 lenses. If you need a focus controller for the Ursa Broadcast and LA16x kit lens, we also rent the Fujinon MS-X1 Rear Zoom and Focus Control Kit.

Can I use this with a rail system?
  • The cables and connectors for the zoom servo demand and focus module are made of high-end materials and fall approximately 3" from the base of the lens making rail support compatibility unlikely for most setups.

  • If you have questions about how to configure this for your shoot, contact us and a tech will be happy to discuss the finer details of this product with you.

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Accessory and Camera Support

Fujinon MS-01 Rear Zoom and Focus Lens Control Kit

Video Support - Fujinon CFC-12-990 Flex Cable

Video Support - Fujinon CFH-3 Focus Grip

Video Support - Fujinon FMM-6B Manual Focus Module

Video Support - Fujinon SRD-92B Zoom Rate Demand