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RED RANGER 8K Vista Vision Production Camera
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RED RANGER 8K Vista Vision Production Camera

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*up to 2nd day air - overnight available

The RED RANGER is a large-format, cinema-quality camera featuring an 8K, Vista Vision, 17+ stop dynamic range sensor from RED Digital Cinema. It had a redesigned body based around a DSMC2 brain but with integrated accessories. Key features include:

  • 8K resolution, Vista Vision, 46.31mm diag., 17+ stop dynamic range CMOS sensor

  • Frame rates up to 60fps in 8K & 300fps in 2K

  • Integrated PL lens mount & battery plate

  • Integrated I/O including SDI, timecode, & XLR audio w/ +48v phantom power

Designed for Rental. RED has simplified the process of renting one of their cameras with the “all-in-one” REDRANGER. The large-format, cinema-quality camera features an 8K, Vista Vision, 17+ stop dynamic range sensor for the ultimate in RED image quality. This redesigned body now features the I/O options you need without additional add-on modules, and you’ll only find this design for rent.

Integrated I/O. What used to be accomplished with add-on modules is now integrated into the sculpted housing. The body features ports for SDI (2x mirrored), secondary SDImonitoring, CTRLGIG-E, timecode, genlock, USB power (Type-A), 2-pin LEMO 1.5A power output, ⅛” headphone, and XLR audio input with +48v phantom power.

PL Lens Mount. RED includes a shimmed PL mount on the RANGER to accommodate the highest quality cinema lenses available.

Other Notable Features. This body has a larger and quieter fan for more efficient cooling on demanding productions. The camera can handle wider input voltage from 11.5v to 32v, and features a 24v power out. RED has made the wi-fi antenna external which should help substantially with signal strength. The housing has an integrated rosette mount for easy accessory grip mounting.

Q & A

Does this rental include the RED Ranger shim kit?

  • All of our lenses are calibrated in house and we ship the RED Ranger shimmed to meet our highest optical standards. Therefore, we don’t send the shim pack by default. If you’re renting this to work with your own lenses and think you may need the shim pack for critical focus, simply request it in the Special Instructions box before checkout.

Is the Ranger compatible with DSMC2 accessories not included in this kit?

  • Some accessories like the DSMC2 side handle and v-mount module are completely incompatible with this camera system.

  • If you have questions about a particular DSMC2 accessory you are interested in using, contact us and a tech will be happy to discuss DSMC2 compatibility with you.

Do I need anything else to get shooting?

  • While the RED Ranger ships as a mostly complete kit, we do not include RED Mini-MagsGold Mount batteries, or PL mount lenses but they are available as separate rental items.

Is this camera available in an EF mount?

  • No. If you’re interested in shooting with EF mount lenses on a high-resolution RED, we recommend the more modular, DSMC2 Helium instead.


RED RANGER 8K Vista Vision Production Camera

Cable - USB 2.0 A Male to Mini-B


Hardware - 3/16" Ball-Point Driver

RED - DSMC2 Lemo Adapter A

RED - DSMC2 Pro Touch 7" LCD

RED - LCD/EVF Right-to-Straight 18" Cable v2

RED - Monitor Arm 9"

RED - Monitor Arm Locking Disc

RED RANGER - 15mm LW Rod Support

RED RANGER - 15mm LW Rod Support

RED RANGER - 24v XLR3 AC Adapter

RED RANGER - 3-pin XLR to 4-pin 2B Power Cable

RED RANGER - 8K Monstro VV Brain (Gold Mount)

RED RANGER - Lemo Flush-Mount Adapter D

RED RANGER - Plug Adapter Case

RED RANGER - Plug Adapter Type A

RED RANGER - Plug Adapter Type B

RED RANGER - Plug Adapter Type C

RED RANGER - Production Handle

RED RANGER - Video Manual


RED - Sidewinder Multitool