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RED V-RAPTOR ST 8K VV DSMC3 Cinema Camera (Canon RF, White)
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RED V-RAPTOR ST 8K VV DSMC3 Cinema Camera (Canon RF, White)

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Compact, fast, and full-frame—the V-RAPTOR 8K VV is RED DIGITAL CINEMA’s impressive introduction to their DSMC3 platform. Key features include:

  • 35.4MP full-frame, rolling shutter CMOS

  • Canon RF lens & CFexpress Type-B support

  • 17+ stops of dynamic range

  • Up to 8K120 17:9, 6K198 S35 & 4K240 17:9

What’s Changed? Sized only slightly larger than the RED KOMODO but boasting a more powerful, vista vision sensor, the V-RAPTOR offers multi-format capture in 8K VistaVision, 6K Super35, 4K, 3K Super16, and anamorphic options. The V-RAPTOR’s RF lens mount can be used with numerous lens adapters, and it has a locking ring that provides additional security for use with heavier lenses. In response to user feedback, RED has added a right-side user interface that brings control to 1st and 2nd ACs right at the camera. Dual 12G-SDI outputs, resolutions including 16-bit REDCODE RAW at significantly higher frame rates, 1080p streaming, 17+ stops of dynamic range, and phase-detection autofocus (PDAF) further boost the V-RAPTOR’s suitability for a range of production styles.

Full-Frame Sensor. The 35.4MP full-frame V-RAPTOR sensor at the heart of the camera provides 17+ stops of dynamic range that enable it to excel at low-light capture while offering the lowest noise floor of the RED lineup. And while the V-RAPTOR does not employ a global shutter, its rolling shutter with high-speed readout is almost twice as fast as that of the MONSTRO, all but eliminating motion artifacts. This sensor also enables phase-detection autofocus (PDAF), a boon for single operators grabbing fast-paced or unpredictable action. To accompany this sensor, a fixed OLPF (optical low-pass filter) will enable you to capture RED’s signature color quality and sensitivity.

Compact Micro-V Batteries. In keeping with the V-RAPTOR’s smaller footprint, power is obtained using Micro-V mount batteries from RED or Titan with additional brand compatibility to be added later. Measuring less than 3" wide, the 98Wh RED Micro-V batteries will power the camera for about one hour, with one battery charging in about 2.5 hours and two in 4 hours on the dual charger.

CFexpress Card Capture. Capture to CFexpress 2.0 Type B cards will enable V-RAPTOR users to avail themselves of more widely available media, although currently, only the RED / Angelbird 660GB card is RED approved.

Assistant Interface. A right-side LCD screen user interface offers on-camera control to 1st and 2nd ACs or an operator positioned at that side of the camera. Physical buttons eliminate accidental selections that can occur with touchscreens, and the ability to save user pages lets you customize the interface to your liking. The interface also helpfully only displays the resolutions and frame rates available with your chosen format.

Input and Outputs. Dual 12G-SDI ports enable you to output mirror feeds to two displays, or individual feeds with or without focus peaking, timecode, or other displays, or with two different looks. A USB Type-C port outputs up to 1080p video streaming.

DSMC3 Ecosystem. The DSMC3 form features several improvements over the previous DSMC2 brains and no compatibility with DSMC2 accessories. DSMC3 cameras have a larger fan system with two intake valves that provide better thermal heat exchange (TEC) enabling a wide ambient temperature operating range.


Q & A

  • Is this compatible with SmallHD camera control?
    • No. Camera control is not currently supported by any third party monitors, including SmallHD.

  • Does the camera have a live view feature?
    • No. The RED V-RAPTOR side LCD is a graphic user interface and can only be used to access to menus, camera features, and critical camera information. An external monitor is required for live view.

  • Is this compatible with all v-mount batteries?
    • No. This camera is equipped with a micro v-lock plate and is only compatible with batteries with enough current (14.4V, 8A or greater) and a maximum width of 2.95".

    • If you have any questions regarding battery compatibility, contact us and our support team will be happy to help you determine the best gear for your shoot.

  • Resources

  • RED Control App (Android)
  • RED Control App (iOS)
  • Manual
  • RED Support
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    Sensor Type

    • 35.4 MP Full Frame CMOS
    Sensor Size
    • 40.96 × 21.6 mm
    Effective Pixels
    • 8192 × 4320
    Dynamic Range
    • 17 Stops


    Item Type


    Maximum Frame Rates


    • 8192 × 4320p up to 60 fps
    • 6144 × 3240p up to 96 fps
    • 4096 × 2160p up to 240 fps
    • 2048 × 1080p up to 480 fps
    • 8192 × 4320p up to 60 fps
    • 6144 × 3240p up to 160 fps
    • 4096 × 2160p up to 240 fps
    • 2048 × 1080p up to 480 fps
    • 8192 × 4320p up to 60 fps
    • 6144 × 3240p up to 160 fps
    • 4096 × 2160p up to 240 fps
    • 2048 × 1080p up to 480 fps



    Canon RF



    • 6.1 × 4.3 × 4.3″
    • 4 lb (body only)
    Operating Temperature
    • 32°F to 104°F


    Power Supply

    DC Input

    • +11 to +17 V DC via the integrated 4-pin LEMO port
    • Micro V-Mount

    RED V-RAPTOR ST 8K VV DSMC3 Cinema Camera (Canon RF, White)

    Canon RF Body Cap

    Charger - 3 Prong Universal Power Cord 6ft

    RED - Male RP SM 84mm Antenna for V-RAPTOR

    RED - Male RP SMA 2.4GHz / 5GHz Wi-Fi Antenna for V-RAPTOR