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Canon 135mm f/2L
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Canon 135mm f/2L

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The longest lens in Canon’s “Holy Trinity of Primes,” the 135L f/2 is one our favorites.  Amazing bokeh (out of focus area of an image) and very sharp wide open, this lens is a fantastic portrait lens when used on a full-frame camera.  It can get a little tight with a 1.6x crop-sensor camera, behaving more like a 200mm; great for weddings, but a little long for full body portraits.  It has super quick auto-focus, and an incredibly sexy front glass element.  Considering the 135L opens all the way up to 2.0, one full stop faster than a 2.8 lens (twice as much light!) it’s a remarkably light and compact lens, no bicep curls necessary!

Focal Length & Maximum Aperture 135mm 1:2.0
Lens Construction 10 elements in 8 groups
Diagonal Angle of View 18°
Focus Adjustment Rear focusing system with USM
Closest Focusing Distance 0.9m / 3 ft.
Filter Size 72mm
Max. Diameter x Length, Weight 3.2" x 4.4", 1.7 lbs. / 82.5 x 112.0mm, 750g

Hood - Canon ET-78II

Filter - Protective B+W XS-Pro Clear 72mm

Canon 72mm Front Lens Cap

Canon EF Rear Lens Cap