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Canon 200mm f/2L IS
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Canon 200mm f/2L IS

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The Canon 200mm f/2 L IS exemplifies what an exotic telephoto lens should be.  Its incredibly fast with the insane f/2.0 aperture.  Sharpness, contrast, compression & unreal bokeh are the calling cards of the 200 f/2.  If you’ve never shot a lens like this and you tend to shoot at the longer end of your 70-200 a lot, this may be the lens to break you out of a creative rut.  

We equate the Canon 200 f/2 to “secret sauce.”  At 200mm its not what many would consider a super telephoto lens.  What makes this lens special is the way it simply obliterates anything in the background into buttery smooth bokeh.  Want to shoot your subject in front of a grimy green dumpster? Simply set your subject 10-15ft in front of it and shoot wide open.  All that nastiness will be blended away.  Your subject will pop off just about any background with ridiculous edge sharpness.  Want to shoot at night with available light, this is the tool.  This lens is truly a pixel peepers dream at 100%.  Its almost impossible to find fault.  Even its heavy (but still light comparatively) weight of 5.6 lbs is a burden you’ll gladly take on once you get hooked on the 200 f/2’s unique look.

Another often overlooked feature of this lens is its friendliness to working with the 1.4x and 2.0x teleconverters.  Grab the 200mm and a pair of teleconverters and you’ve got a kit that gives you a 280mm f2.8 or a 400mm f/4 while retaining the awesome performance without the teleconverter.  Taking this philosophy even further, pairing up full frame and crop sensor bodies get you even more options for just about any shooting situation.  All this in a package thats infinitely more backpack friendly than its larger focal length brethren. 

As if the optical performance of this lens were not enough, there’s certainly something to be said for its impressive presence on a shoot.  If you want to stand out from the other “pro” shooters with their 70-200s, this is the ticket. Sometimes impressions are important when you’re trying to land your dream client, the massive front element conveys that your tools are top notch.  You’ll get all kinds of looks when this lens comes out of your bag.  We’re not ones to really care about this kind of gear oneupmanship but theres no lens that gets the volume of questions from fellow shooters and pedestrians alike.   

If you aren’t at least tempted to rent the 200mm f2 after that description, you might want to check your photographic pulse.  Just saying...


Unlike our other lenses, the super telephoto lenses will be shipped in soft cases which can be used to transport the lens during your rental period.


Focal Length & Maximum Aperture 200mm f/2
Lens Construction 17 elements in 12 groups
Diagonal Angle of View 12° (on full-frame sensor camera)
Focus Adjustment Inner focusing system with USM, AF with manual focus option
Closest Focusing Distance 6.2 ft. / 1.9m
Filter Size 52mm (Drop-in Gelatin Filter Holder)
Max. Diameter x Length, Weight 5.0 in. x 8.2 in./ 128mm x 208mm (maximum lens length); 5.6 lbs./2,520g

Canon 200mm f/2L IS

Canon EF Rear Lens Cap

Case - HPRC 4100 (H17)

Case - Lightware Z300 Long Lens

Filter - Canon Drop-in Gelatin UV

Hood - Canon E-145C Lens Cap

Hood - Canon ET-120B