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ARRI Orbiter LED Set with 60° Lens
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ARRI Orbiter LED Set with 60° Lens

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The ARRI Orbiter LED Set with 60° Lens is a powerful, tuneable color light system complete with a manual yoke, a 60° lens, a control panel, and 4-way barndoors. Key features include:

  • Orbiter color-tuneable LED light

  • Fixed 60° beam angle

  • Six-light Spectra color engine

  • Includes yoke with 1-1/8" Junior Pin

Powerful Color. The ARRI Orbiter LED Light with Open Face Optics incorporates the six-light Spectra engine with a processor that’s markedly faster and more memory-rich than what’s found in the SkyPanel series. This engine adds amber, cyan, and lime to the standard red, green, and blue LED color gamut in its 190-LED array to give you extra-fine full-color tuning. Its output is high enough to create hard shadows with sharply defined edges, its 2,000 to 20,000K color-temperature range can match nearly any lighting situation, and it features 100 to 0% dimming with smooth, continuous adjustment.

Intuitive Controls. You can control all color modes, effects, and lighting grids from the Orbiter’s built-in bright-color control panel. On top of that, you can remove the control panel and control it via the included fifteen-foot extension cable. The panel also includes a five-pin DMX in and out, two LAN ports, two USB Type-A ports, a USB Type-C port, and an SD slot for future upgrades.

Light Operating System. This OS gives you a simplified DMX mode, more than 240 presets, optics recognition, optimal performance modes, multi-language support, and eight different color modes.

Sensors Upon Sensors. The Orbiter has a whole mess of integrated sensors that make operation a breeze. The ambient color sensor has two modes to help recreate color and intensity shifts in your environment. As the names indicate, continuous mode adapts to changing light, while momentary mode takes an instant measurement of your light levels. A three-axis accelerometer senses the Orbiter’s pan, tilt, and roll, and then gives you the option of using that metadata for future placement and effects work. An ambient light sensor automatically dims the control-panel display, a heat sensor guarantees safe operation in any temperature, and a magnetometer provides true global direction that’ll help orient your light.

Durable Build. ARRI’s bayonet-style Quick Lighting Mount makes changing out the Orbiter’s included 60° open-face light-shaping optic nearly effortless. The Orbiter has an aluminum build, a powerful tilt lock, and a +/-90° quick-release yoke, which mounts to a junior pin. This light has an approximate 50,000-hour LED lifespan, and it consumes a maximum 500W.

Baby Pin Receiver. This light features an integrated yoke with a combination 1-1/8" junior pin.

Q & A

  • Which color control modes does Orbiter support?
    • Orbiter supports eight color modes – (1) CCT (correlated color temperature), (2) RGBACL or Calibrated RGBW (individual control of the respective LED colors), (3) HSI (Hue Saturation Intensity), (4) x,y Coordinates, (5) Source Matching, (6) Gel Selection, (7) Effects plus (8) Color Sensor Mode to replicate ambient light.

  • What kind of light-stands do you recommend to use with this fixture?
  • This light looks pretty big and heavy. Are there any items that will help me lighten the load?
  • What kind of mounting options does this light provide?
    • This light features an integrated yoke with a combination 1-1/8" junior pin.

  • Resources

  • Manual
  • Data Sheet
  • Configuration Guide

    AC input Power

    100 to 260 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz

    Beam Angle




    Cable Length

    15’ / 4.57m

    Cable Type

    powerCON to NEMA 5-15

    Color Accuracy Standard

    CRI 98
    TLCI 95

    Color Temperature



    5-Pin XLR, RJ45


    Yes, 0 to 100% (Continuous)



    Expected Lamp Life

    50000 Hours (L70)

    Item Type


    Lighting Type

    Continuous Lighting



    Maximum Power Consumption

    500 W

    Mfr. Model Number


    Number of LEDs

    190 (RGB)

    Operating Temperature

    -4 to 113°F / -20 to 45°C

    Power Input

    3-Pin XLR, powerCON

    Power Pass-Thru


    Power Source

    AC Adapter, External Battery

    Reflector Mount


    Remote Type

    DMX, Wired Remote

    Temperature Range

    2000 to 20,000K

    USB Port

    USB Type-A


    33.1 lbs.

    Yoke Type

    ARRI Quick Release, 90° tilt

    ARRI Orbiter LED Set with 60° Lens

    Cable - ARRI Orbiter Control Panel 16.4-foot

    Cable - ARRI powerCON TRUE 1 / Edison w/ Switch 23-foot

    Case - ARRI Orbiter Control Panel Carrying Pouch

    Case Insert - H56A-F1 ARRI Orbiter LED

    Case - Pelican 1660

    Continuous - ARRI 28mm Spigot (Junior Pin)

    Continuous - ARRI 90° Angled Antenna for Orbiter

    Continuous - ARRI Control Panel for Orbiter

    Continuous - ARRI Locking Flange / Mounting Plate

    Continuous - ARRI Manual Yoke for Orbiter

    Continuous - ARRI Open Face Optic for Orbiter LED (60º)

    Continuous - ARRI Orbiter Quick Mount Protection Cap

    Modifiers - Arri 4-Leaf Barndoor / 6.6-inch