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Litepanels Gemini 2x1 RGBWW LED Soft Panel
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Litepanels Gemini 2x1 RGBWW LED Soft Panel

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*up to 2nd day air - overnight available

The Litepanels Gemini 2×1 RGBWW LED Soft Panel is an aluminum-constructed, 2 foot by 1 foot, Bi-Color and full RGB HSI-controlled LED soft panel light. Key features include:

  • Variable color temp (2700K-6000K) and full RGB modes

  • Flicker-free regardless of frame rate or panel intensity

  • Aluminum construction minimizes weight and heat
  • Maximum 4317 lux at 5’ & CRI of 97 Daylight or 99 Tungsten

Variable Color Temp & Full RGB Modes. The Litepanels Gemini 2×1 Bi-Color LED Soft Panel provides complete freedom in color selection for your production. The light has HSI controlled, full RGB LEDs to cover the entire color spectrum. Some LED manufacturers stop there, but Lite Panels also included tungsten and daylight LEDs for more precise color temperature control of white light. This allows for a new third mode of operation in which the Gemini can replicate many of the traditional gels you know and love. Color accuracy is better than ever with CRIs of 97 Daylight and 99 Tungsten.

Intuitive & Simple Controls. Lighting adjustment is kept simple with just three knobs, and users have the ability to recall up to six user presets and six standard white balance presets. Optional wireless bluetooth and DMX adapters provide all this control at a distance. Please note that no wireless adapters are included in this rental.

Flicker-Free Lighting Under All Conditions. Another feature rarely seen in LED light panels is the ability to shoot at any frame rate, any shutter angle, and with any level of panel intensity without fear of slow motion flicker. Thanks to a flicker-free ballast, Litepanels can make that promise.

AC & DC Power With 3-Pin XLR Input. AC power is provided by an integrated adapter that pulls an energy efficient 325w of power, and the Gemini is great for location shoots with optional auxiliary power via a 3-pin XLR input. AC power from powerCON connectors can also be daisy chained to reduce wire clutter.

Additional Features. The light has wired DMX control built-in as well as a Master/Replica mode for convenient control of multiple units from one location. Users of the Astra 4x or 6x will appreciate the softer light provided by the panel’s diffuser without the addition of a third party soft box. For such a large light, the Gemini is surprisingly lightweight.

 The 22 pound light features a standard junior pin yoke for mounting and positioning, so you’ll need to have a compatible stand, and sandbagging is highly encouraged.

Beam Angle





Daylight 97 and Tungsten 99

Color Range


Color Temperature

Tungsten and Daylight


Wired and Wireless (with optional adapter)



Fan Cooled

Yes (user controllable)

Item Type


Lighting Type

Continuous Lighting




Yoke with junior pin


Daylight: 389 fc / 4317 lux @ 5’ and Tungsten: 326 fc / 3624 lux @ 5’

Power Cord

powerCON and 3-pin XLR

Power Draw



25″ × 6.5″ × 12.5”


22.2 lb

Litepanels Gemini 2x1 RGBWW LED Soft Panel

Cable - Litepanels Gemini 1x2 PowerCon 14 AWG 9.8-foot

Case - Litepanels Anvil Style Gemini (H32)

Modifiers - Litepanels Gemini Barndoors 2x1