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ARRI SkyPanel S30-C LED Softlight w/ Gold Mount Plate
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ARRI SkyPanel S30-C LED Softlight w/ Gold Mount Plate

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The Arri SkyPanel S30-C LED Softlight with Gold Mount Plate is a bright, versatile soft light that incorporates features from Arri’s L-Series LED Fresnels. This version’s battery plate lets you use two Gold-Mount batteries for power. Key features include:

  • Preinstalled Anton Bauer Gold-Mount battery plate

  • Full-gamut color mixing; hue and saturation control

  • Color temperature adjustable from 2800K to 10,000K

  • Full minus to full plusgreen; 0-100% dimming

Gold Mount Battery Plate Included. This version of the Arri SkyPanel S30-C LED Softlight includes a preinstalled Anton Bauer battery plate that lets you use two Gold-Mount batteries for power.

Versatile and Fully Tunable LED. The 14 × 11.8-inch Arri SkyPanel S30-C LED Softlight incorporates features from Arri’s L-Series LED Fresnels, making it one of the brightest, most versatile soft lights on the market. You can adjust correlated color temperature between 2800K and 10,000K with accurate color rendition throughout the entire range. It uses the full RGB+W color gamut with hue and saturation control for precision adjustments. If you’re lighting for blue or green screen, you can achieve full plus and minusgreen correction by simply turning a knob on the light.

Soft Light with Natural Shadow Rendition. This LED’s combination of diffusion panels, an LED mixing chamber, and a large surface area make it an ideal beauty light. Its beam field is homogeneous in color and intensity, and its output wraps around objects to render soft, natural shadows without multiple edges or color fringing.

Simple, Intuitive Controls. The Skypanel boasts easy-to-use controls. The three on-board knobs to instantly adjust color temperature, green/magenta balance, light intensity, and hue and saturation. You can also remotely control all functions via DMX or LAN connections. The Skypanel is supported by a manual aluminum yoke.

Q & A

Are Gold Mount batteries and chargers included?

  • Since we have multiple Gold Mount battery and charger options, we’ve elected to not include any with the rental. However, you can find our available options in the Recommended section on the right-hand side of the page.

  • Can’t see the recommended list? You can find available gold mount rental options here.

  • Please note, this battery bracket requires two batteries to be used at a time and they cannot be hot swapped. Please plan your power needs accordingly.

Are there any issues I should be aware of?

  • Yes. Thank you for asking. When using the Gold Mount or V-Mount battery plates, there’s a small software bug involving the power supply. If you try to turn the light on at 20% brightness or above, you’ll get an error message: “Critical error: E05, PSU.” That error will prevent the light from turning on, but simply clearing it in the menu will allow you use the light exactly as intended, with no ill effects. The issue will be addressed in an upcoming firmware update.



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Lighting Type

Continuous Lighting

ARRI SkyPanel S30-C LED Softlight w/ Gold Mount Plate

Cable - ARRI Battery DC 10-foot (L2.0008500)

Cable - ARRI Battery DC 20-inch (L2.0008499)

Cable - ARRI powerCON TRUE 1 to Edison Mains 10-foot

Cable - ARRI XLR 3-Pin to XLR 3-pin DC Power 10-foot

Case - CamKix Accessory Large - Blue

Case Insert - H51A-F1 Arri S30

Case - SKB 2222-12 (H51)

Continuous - ARRI Combo Stirrup M6x20mm Thumbscrew

Continuous - ARRI Combo Stirrup Spigot Baby/Junior Pin

Continuous - ARRI Gold Mount Battery Plate for SkyPanel S30

Continuous - ARRI Locking Flange / Mounting Plate

Continuous - ARRI Manual Yoke for SkyPanel S30

Continuous - ARRI PSU Rail Mount Adapter for SkyPanel S30 / S60

Continuous - ARRI S30 PSU

Continuous - ARRI Standard Diffusion Panel for SkyPanel S30

Stabilizer Accessory - Ball-Point Hex Driver 10mm

Stabilizer Accessory - Ball-Point Hex Driver 4mm