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Outsight Creamsource Micro Colour V-Mount Location Kit
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Outsight Creamsource Micro Colour V-Mount Location Kit

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4 Day Rental Price:



*up to 2nd day air - overnight available

The Outsight Creamsource Micro Colour V-Mount Kit is a rugged & compact RBGW LED fixture that provides high-quality light from 2200K to 15,000K. This version includes a V-Mount plate. Key features include:

  • RGBW LEDs provide CCT from 2200K to 15000K

  • 20° default beam angle with two integrated filter rails

  • Passive, fan-less cooling system for quiet operation

  • V-Mount battery plate (batteries not included)

Compact RGBW Fixture. The Outsight Creamsource Micro Colour V-Mount Kit packs serious lighting punch into the nine-inch, aluminum fixture with full-RGB capabilities and typical CRI of 95. With the RGB capability comes control via plus/minus green, HSI, and direct RGBW.

Flicker Free at High Frame Rates. This light is flicker free all the way up to 5000 frames per second while using the high frame rate setting and can be synchronized to camera shutters.

Silent Operation. This fixture is passively cooled meaning no fans will be heard in your footage no matter how many lights you’re using or how close they are to your camera.

20° & 60° Beam Options. The light by default throws light out at beam angle of 20-degrees, but with the include medium-wide holographic lens, that can be adapted to a softer 60-degree beam angle.

Mounting Options. This light includes a removable yoke featuring a 5/8" baby pin receiver and 1-1/8" junior pin combo. The fixture itself also has a 3/8" threaded hole and four rigging safety points.

V-Mount Power. This rental includes a V-Mount battery plate (batteries not included) and an AC adapter. The Micro Colour is capable of accepting power inputs from 10 to 32V DC. If you’re looking for a Gold Mount version, you’ll want to look here.

Q & A

Do you rent this light with a Gold Mount battery plate?


  • Manual
  • Photometrics

    Beam Angle

    20° (default), 60° (with lens)



    Color Rendering Index

    Typical 95

    Color Temperature



    Yes (passive)


    8.7 × 8.1 × 4.3″ (fixture only), 11.8 × 13.0 × 4.3″ (including yoke)



    Item Type


    Lighting Type

    Continuous Lighting

    Power Input

    10-32V DC, Max 8A (80W)


    CCT: 2200K – 15000K

    Tilt Angle

    170° (Up), 80° (Down)




    7.5lb (fixture only), 9.3lb (including yoke)

    3200K: 12,900 lx / 1,200 fc @ 1m / 3.3ft 3,150 lx / 290 fc @ 2m / 6.6ft 1,400 lx / 130 fc @ 3m / 9.8ft 790 lx / 70 fc @ 4m / 13.1ft

    5600K: 12,340 lx / 1,150 fc @ 1m / 3.3ft 3,010 lx / 280fc @ 2m / 6.6ft 1,340 lx / 120 fc @ 3m / 9.8ft 750 lx / 70 fc @ 4m / 13.1ft

    Outsight Creamsource Micro Colour V-Mount Location Kit

    AC Adapter - Outsight Creamsource Micro (GST90A24-P1M)

    Cable - Outsight Creamsource Micro Power Supply Lead 9.8-ft

    Charger - 3 Prong Universal Power Cord 6ft

    Continuous - Outsight Creamsource Micro Barndoor

    Continuous - Outsight Creamsource Micro Colour RGBW LED

    Continuous - Outsight Creamsource Micro Power Supply Bracket

    Continuous - Outsight Creamsource Micro V-Mount Plate

    Continuous - Outsight Creamsource Micro Yoke

    Modifier - Outsignt Creamsource Micro Med. Wide Lens 60º