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Matthews 24x36 Flag / Modifier Kit
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Matthews 24x36 Flag / Modifier Kit

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Bring your lighting design to life! The Matthews 24×36 Flag/Modifier Kit allows you soften, cut, or completely block light to create professionally lit scenes in the studio or on location. Key features include:

  • Eight 24” x 36” modifiers with carrying case

  • Two Solid Black Flags and one Wood Cucoloris

  • Open-end scrims, silks, and Cello Cucoloris

  • 90° Flag frames with standard ⅜ pins

Open-end, color coded fabrics. Open-end silks and scrims rely on reinforced material to make up the fourth side of your frame to reduce a noticeable edge. Color coded binding allows you to easily identify your scrims and silk even when working in low light.

Scrims and silks. We include one Single Black Scrim and one Double Black Scrim, allowing you to reduce light by approximately 0.6 stops or 1.2 stops respectively, without altering the color temperature or casting a patterned shadow. The White Artificial Silk offers approximately 1.6 stops of light loss while providing soft, ambient bounce.

Flags and Cookies. Shape your light with Solid Black Flags and your choice of Cucoloris. Flags can be used to block spill light on set or lens flares from your camera. The Cucoloris (or “cookie”) is designed to break up light through shadows to create natural-looking backgrounds. The Wood Cucoloris is a hard cookie, ideal for large areas or more intense shadow edges while the Cello Cucoloris is a soft cookie and is perfect for smaller, interior spaces.

Standard mounting hardware. Each fabric comes with its own dedicated frame with standard 3/8 pin. These versatile modifiers are compatible with most standard grip heads.

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Production Tool



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Lighting and Accessory

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