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Ikelite DL Housing for Canon 5DIII/IV/S/SR
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Ikelite DL Housing for Canon 5DIII/IV/S/SR

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The Ikelite DL Housing for Canon 5DIII/IV/S/SR is an underwater camera housing that’s waterproof down to 200 feet. Key features include:

  • Only for Canon 5D Mark III, 5D Mark IV, 5DS, and 5DS R

  • Underwater access to virtually all camera functions

  • Waterproof down to 200 feet

  • Includes 28mm, 42mm, and 50mm lens ports

Heavy-Duty Underwater Housing. Ikelite’s heavy-duty housings are contoured to the camera, completely corrosion-free and super durable. The transparent backing allows for a clear view of the main o-ring seal, port o-ring seal, and camera controls. We choose to rent Ikelite-branded housings because they give you access to almost every camera control underwater. This housing is only compatible with the Canon 5D Mark III5D Mark IV5DS, and 5DS R.

Ikelite Base with Dual Quick-Release Handles. This rental includes Ikelite’s Base with Dual Quick-Release Handles, which aids underwater maneuverability, is easy to attach and remove from the housing, and doesn’t interfere with the housing’s operation.

Dry-Lock Port System. This housing’s new Dry-Lock Port System employs a range of interchangeable ports of different lengths that you can use individually or in combination to suit a variety of lenses. This rental includes 28mm, 42mm, and 50mm ports that can be used on their own or in combination to fit the following lenses:

Canon 16-35mm f/2.8L III (28mm + 50mm ports)
Canon 8-15mm f/4L Fisheye (no port used, just the dome)
Canon 17-40mm f/4L (50mm port)
Canon 14mm f/2.8L II (no port used, just the dome)
Canon 16-35mm f/4L IS (28mm + 42mm ports)

These are just a few examples. You can see a more comprehensive list of compatible lenses here.

Vacuum Pump with Gauge. This rental includes Ikelite’s Hand Pump with Gauge, which lets you check for leaks and create a vacuum seal inside the camera housing to confirm that it’s watertight.

Underwater Housing Assembly Tips. Always assemble the housing first without a camera in it on dry land. Then slowly submerge the empty housing into a bathtub or a bucket, rotate the housing all around, and look for escaping air bubbles. This could be a sign that the housing is not assembled properly and water could be getting into the housing. Only after a few assemblies and dunks with no leaks do we recommend putting the camera in the housing. Again, slowly submerge the housing into a bathtub or a bucket, rotate the housing all around, and look for escaping air bubbles. As a courtesy to our gear-cleaning team, try to give the housing a quick freshwater rinse and dry off before sending it back if possible!

Underwater Shooting Tips. Practice using the camera and housing on dry land to get comfortable with adjusting settings before you get underwater. Get as close as possible to your subjects. Too much water between the lens and your subject reduces contrast and sharpness. Keep your shutter speed high—you’re often moving more than you realize when you’re not standing on the hard ground.


  • Do I need to use silicone lubricant on the main o-ring?
    • No. The silicone lubricant included in the hardware kit is only intended to be used on the accessory port o-ring and to lubricate buttons if they begin to stick after use in salt water.

    • Please note, only Ikelite lubricant should be used on Ikelite housing. Other manufacturer’s lubricants may cause the accessory port o-ring to swell.

  • How do I clean the Ikelite lens port and housing?
    • To prevent salt build-up, it is recommended that the empty and sealed Ikelite housing be rinsed with fresh water. To prevent salt build-up around the controls, submerge the housing in a rinse tank and operate the buttons to flush out any debris or residue. Wipe dry with a lint-free cloth following any rinse. To avoid flooding, do not leave the Ikelite in a rinse tank.

    • Please note, the housing should always be sealed before coming into contact with any water. It is also recommended that the camera be removed from the housing before cleaning. Do not use cleaning agents on the housing or lens port as incompatible chemicals can compromise the plastic or o-rings, resulting in leaks.

  • Can I leave the camera in the housing when not in use?
    • No. You should always remove the camera from the housing for travel and storage. For best performance, store the camera and Ikelite housing in a shaded place when not in use to protect from overheating.

    • Always recheck the o-ring after opening the housing.

  • Does this product come with a camera or lens?
    • No. This listing is for the Ikelite DL Housing only. Please see the Recommended products to the right for a list of compatible cameras and lenses.


    Ikelite Assembly Instructions




    Camera Type


    Item Type

    Camera and Underwater Housing


    Canon EF

    Sensor Size

    Full Frame

    Underwater - Ikelite DL Shade for 8-inch Dome

    Underwater - Ikelite DL Port Hole Cover

    Underwater - Ikelite Shutter Trigger Extension

    Underwater - Ikelite DL 50mm Port Extension (75050)

    Underwater - Ikelite Vacuum Pump Tubing Insert

    Underwater - Ikelite Vacuum Pump w/ Gauge

    Underwater - Ikelite Right Quick Release Handle

    Underwater - Ikelite DL Zoom Gear Retainer

    Underwater - Ikelite DL 28mm Port Extension (75028)

    Underwater - Ikelite Base Extension for Release Handle

    Underwater - Ikelite Base Extension for Release Handle

    Underwater - Ikelite DL 42mm Port Extension (75042)

    Underwater - Ikelite DL Rear Cover for 8-inch Dome

    Underwater - Ikelite 200DL Dive Back for Canon 5DIII/IV/S/SR

    Underwater - Ikelite Zoom Clamp - Universal 2.8-3"

    Underwater - Ikelite Zoom Gear 5509.28

    Hardware - Ikelite 200DL Housing

    Underwater - Ikelite Left Quick Release Handle

    Bag - Porta Brace PB-B812 Stuff Sack

    Underwater - Ikelite Port Chart Canon

    Underwater - Ikelite DL Camera Plate for Canon 5DIII/IV/S/SR (95352)

    Underwater - Ikelite DL 8-inch Dome Port

    Underwater - Ikelite Zoom Gear 5509.14

    Underwater - Ikelite Base for DL/FL Housing

    Underwater - Ikelite Waterproof Bulkhead Cap

    Underwater - Ikelite DL Zoom Gear Retainer Tool

    Underwater - Ikelite DL Front Cover for 8-inch Dome

    Underwater - Ikelite Manual Circuitry Hotshoe (0142.69 rev2)

    Underwater - Ikelite Vacuum Valve (1/2" Accessory Port)

    Underwater - Ikelite DL Housing for Canon 5DIII/IV/S/SR

    Underwater - Ikelite Zoom Gear 5509.12