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Canon 5D Mark III DSLR



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The Canon 5D Mark III is the evolution of the ground breaking 5D Mark II.  On paper, the specs of the MKII and MKIII seem very similar. You could be forgiven for not drawing much of a distinction but the devil is in the details as its Canon’s attention to detail in refining the MKIII that has resulted in one of the most capable DSLR cameras on the planet.  

The place this is most evident is the 5D Mark III’s autofocus system. The new "61-Point High Density Reticular AF” module that provides superior autofocus in low light situations such a wedding receptions, concerts, or night photography.  The high ISO performance was also improved for low light shooters. Canon expanded the normal ISO range to 100-25600 with expanded modes of ISO 50-102,400.  The resolution is now 22.3 megapixels, more than enough for just about any situation.  

Video shooters can also rejoice at the improvements made for capturing HD footage as well.  Bringing in the dedicated stop start button and movie mode toggle makes recording video much easier without having to re-orient your grip. A headphone output is also a welcome addition so you can monitor your audio while recording.  Canon chose to stick with H.264 .mov files but you can now choose between IPB (smaller file size) or ALL-I compression (higher quality).  The recording time limit has also been increased to just under 30 minutes (split between 3 files).  

Canon has simply made such a well rounded camera with the 5D Mark III that there are very few reasons to have to jump up the the Canon 1DX save for ultra-high frame rate photography. Rent one today!      

Please note Memory Cards and manuals are not included with your rental. Please click here for pdf version of the manual. 

Your rental of the 5D Mark III will include a body, strap, 1x LP-E6 battery and a LC-E6 charger.

Canon LC-E6 Battery Charger

Canon LP-E6 Battery