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VRI Phantom VEO4K 990S High Speed Camera (PL)

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*up to 2nd day air - overnight available

The VRI Phantom VEO4K 990S High Speed Camera (PL) is a high speed camera boasting the same image and frame rate performance as a Flex4K-GS camera, in a compact form. This rental is for the camera body and PL mount only. Key features include:

  • Super35, 31.7mm, 12-bit CMOS sensor with dual shutter

  • Capture 4K up to 1000 fps, 2K up to 1970 fps

  • 72GB RAM for longer record times

  • VEO4K, PL mount, powering accessories, and trigger switch included

Ultimate High-Speed. The VRI Phantom VEO4K (PL) is a specialized professional camera designed to shoot high speed footage at a sharp DCI 4K resolution and features a PL mount. It has a maximum resolution of 4096 × 2304 at 938 fps but can be lowered to 1080p for 2000 fps and even higher speeds at lower resolutions. Can’t wait to see some amazing slow motion images? Keep reading, we have sample footage below!

Phantom Workflow. This camera is not for the faint of heart or the single day novice-gone-pro shoot. While not impossible to learn, the VRI Phantom VEO4K has a demanding and unconventional workflow. We recommend having more lighting than you think you’ll need, confirming your computer capabilities and NLE support for Cine RAW in advance, and scheduling adequate prep time before your shoot.

12-bit RAW to CFast 2.0 Media. This version of the camera features a CFast 2.0 slot to write from the internal 72GB memory buffer. Media is not included with this rental but is available here as separate rental items.

Other Features. This camera features front and rear HD-SDI outputs, a rear HDMI output, 4-pin Hirose 12V power output, 6-pin Fischer power input, and four programmable BNC I/O ports for timecode sync and triggering.

Need More Gear? This package does not include a battery solution, media, or a monitor to interface with the camera. We do, however, offer a PL-mount version with Gold Mount or V-Mount battery plate as well as an EF-mount version with Gold Mount or V-Mount battery plate.

We’re Here to Help. If you haven’t used this camera system before, there are probably some nuances you aren’t expecting. See the Q&A’s below for details or contact us and a technician will be happy to help you determine if the Phantom VEO4K is right for your shoot.

Q & A

Do you carry this in an EF mount?

  • Yes! We carry the VEO4K in an EF mount as well as in several kit configurations.

Does this rental include the 10Gb ethernet option?
  • This camera does have the 10Gb Ethernet option installed, but we do not send the required cable by default. If you require this feature, make the request in the special instructions box at checkout.

What are the benefits of the dual shutter?
  • The Global Shutter is recommended for scientific measurements, light synchronization, or reducing shutter artifacts. When using the GS, black shading becomes imperative before each capture, you lose approximately 9 stops from your dynamic range, and the base ISO raises to 640, making it more prone to noise.

  • The Rolling Shutter broadens your dynamic range to 12.5 stops, has low noise with a base ISO of 320, but as with most rolling shutters, is more prone to digital artifacts, especially when using low quality lights.

What workflow challenges should I expect?
  • Data Management: The VEO4K records to an internal 72GB RAM and has intentional limited bandwidth to ensure proper in-camera processing. Once the RAM is full, you are able to transfer an entire clip or set ins and outs and transfer portions of the clip to a CFast card (not included). Saving the full 72GB RAM takes approximately 12 minutes so plan your shots accordingly.

  • Sensor Calibration: Due to pixel sensitivity drift that is inherent to CMOS sensors, it is imperative to calibrate the sensor through the black reference process anytime the camera boots up or any changes are made to camera parameters like resolution, exposure, or frame rate. Black reference is also recommended anytime there is a substantial lapse of time of operation or change in operating temperatures.

  • Syncing: Incorrect sync settings will result in a scrambled or non-responsive image. If you encounter this issue on set, you will need to switch the camera to internal sync or attach an appropriate external sync source.

  • Lighting: You will need plenty and should plan for more than you think you need. An exposure calculator can be found under the Resources section of this page.

  • Interface: This rental does not include a monitor to interface with the camera but they are available to rent here.


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    AC Adapter - VRI 24V / 80W for Phantom VEO4K

    Adapter - VRI Phantom VEO4K PL Mount

    Cable - VRI AD-CBL-VEO-BATT-T2 Power Adapter

    Cable - VRI-CBL-DIN-BNC Adapter 12-inch

    Cable - VRI Trigger Pickle Switch 6- foot

    Charger - 3 Prong Universal Power Cord 6ft

    VRI Phantom VEO4K PL-RLS (72GB)