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FREEFLY Wave 2TB Camera

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The FREEFLY Wave 2TB Camera is a compact camera designed for slow motion video capture up to 4096 × 2176 at 422 fps and 2048 × 1088 at 1461 fps and records to an internal 2TB NVMe SSD. Key features include:

  • Records slow motion footage up to 4096 × 2176 at 422 fps and 2048 × 1088 at 1461 fps

  • Internal 2200 mAh Lithium-Ion battery

  • Internal 2TB NVMe SSD for recording up to 39 minutes of footage at maximum resolution

  • Compatible with Movi Pro gimbals for wireless start/stop triggering (cable not included)

Slow Motion Fit For Screen Or Science. Freefly has positioned the FREEFLY Wave 2TB Camera as a slow motion video option for 4K video capture up to 422 fps. This resolution makes it viable for narrative and documentary work, but the camera is also capable of recording up to 9259 fps at 2048 × 128 for more scientific shooting purposes.

Internal Battery & Media. The Wave features an internal 2200 mAh Lithium-Ion battery for shooting up to an hour without AC power, but an AC adapter is included when that power is available. Up to 39 minutes of 4K/422p footage can be recorded to the internal 2TB NVMe SSD and record time can be extended to 45 minutes when shooting in incredibly slow 2K/1461p. The video can be offloaded from the camera via its fast 5 Gb/s USB Type C Gen 3.2 port as a PNG/JPG sequence, H.264, ProRes, CineForm, or in the camera’s native format.

Locking E-Mount. This camera will secure tightly to Sony and third-party E-mount lenses thanks to a positive-lock E-mount. Please note that this mount does not feature any electronic communication with lenses, so you’ll be unable to use focus-by-wire E-mount lenses.

Other Features. The camera mounts via lower 1/4"-20, upper 1/4"-20, or side M3 threaded holes. The sturdy aluminum chassis is IP52 rated for splash and dust protection. You can monitor your camera view with a single HDMI Type A port at 1080/30p.

Q & A

  • Will I need anything else?
    • Yes! At minimum, you will need an e-mount lens or compatible adapter, HDMI-capable monitor for interfacing, and an approved Windows or Mac computer for managing your footage.

    • Please note, the HDMI output is intended to interface with the camera and cannot output a video signal above 1080p30.

  • What type of media does this camera use?
    • This camera has an internal 2GB NVMe SSD that you must transfer your recorded video off of using a compatible computer.

  • Can I swap the camera's battery?
    • No. The battery is internal and must be charged with the included AC adapter.

  • Resources

  • Manual
  • Sample Footage
  • Wave Player
  • FAQ
  • Computer Recommendations
  • Brand


    Camcorder Type


    Camera Type



    Maximum Resolution

    • 4096 × 3072
    • Type: S35, 0.9 × 0.7″, CMOS
    • Global Shutter
    • Base ISO: 250



    Audio Inputs

    • None
    Audio Output
    • None
    Video Out
    • HDMI Type-A
    Additional Inputs/Outputs
    • USB Type C 3.2 Gen 1 × 1 (5 Gb/s)
    • GPIO: 6-Pin JST GH, Optically Isolated, Start/Stop/Sync, UART (3.3 or 5.0 V) API, (Note 1)


    Item Type




    • 5.9 × 3.8 × 1.9″
    • 25.3 oz
    Operating Temperature
    • 32 to 104°F


    Power Supply

    Input Ports

    • 12 to 26 VDC (barrel connector)
    • Type: Li-Ion 11.1 V, 2200 mAh




    • Compressed RGB
    • 4096 × 2176, 422 fps, 5.5:1
    • 2048 × 1088, 1461 fps, 5.5:1
    • Internal (2TB)

    FREEFLY Wave 2TB