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Quasar Science RR100 Double Rainbow 4' RGBX Linear LED
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Quasar Science RR100 Double Rainbow 4' RGBX Linear LED

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The Quasar Science RR100 Double Rainbow 4’ RGBX Linear LED is a double-wide light tube with RGB plus tungsten/daylight LEDs for high-CRI light in a compact fixture. Key features include:

  • 48 full RGB, tungsten, and daylight tuned diodes

  • Lights controlled wirelessly via a CRMX, WiFi, or Bluetooth via compatible controllers

  • Includes baby pin slide mount with 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 threaded holes

  • Includes an AC adapter and a d-tap power cable

What’s Changed. The Quasar Science RR100 Double Rainbow 4’ RGBX Linear LED follows in the footsteps of Quasar’s previous RGBX LED tube, the Quasar Science Rainbow Q50R RGBX Linear LED. This updated fixture is twice as wide with additional wireless protocols and effects controls. The slide mount makes positioning the light much more manageable.

Let There Be Light Tubes. In the beginning, there were Fresnel cinema lights. For sure, they’ve come along way since ARRI introduced theirs in 1937, but still, sometimes you just need a low profile lighting solution that can be tucked into a scene without disrupting the flow of action. Sometimes you need a light tube. When you need a light tube that just works, you need a Quasar Science.

RGB, Tungsten, & Daylight Diodes. A light tube of lower quality will try to create white light from their RGB LEDs, but that results in uneven lighting. Quasar has independent RGB, Tungsten, and Daylight tuned diodes for clearer and fuller coverage of the spectrum.

On-Board Control Panel. These lights are controllable out of the box with a small, integrated, OLED control panel for changing settings like color hue, saturation, and hue or cycling through one of its many built in effects. The light includes built-in effects for camera flash, emergency lighting, flicker, & fire. All can be dialed in to suit your specific needs.

Multi-Standard Control. These lights are ready for your set with tried and true DMX controls. These lights also have built-in CRMX receivers, Artnet control via WiFi, and Bluetooth for communicating sans-wires with compatible transmitters and devices. Lights can be dialed in independently or put in lead / follow mode for simpler operation.

Internally Ballasted. These lights really shed the bulk with an internal ballast. AC adapters with locking barrel connectors are included for each light.

Mounting Options. Mounting options have been much improved on the RR series of lights. The fixture itself features plenty of 1/4"-20 threaded holes and this rental includes an adjustable baby pin and slide clamp to position it as desired.

Q & A

  • How are these lights powered?
    • As they ship, these lights can only be powered by AC power outlets, but a D-Tap cable is included. If you need a battery solution, we recommend the Vagabond Mini Lithium Gold Mount Kit.

  • Is a wireless DMX controller included?
    • No. While the lights themselves have have built-in CRMX receivers, this kit does not include a transmitter for controlling the lights wirelessly.

  • Resources

  • DMX Chart
  • Photometrics
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Brand

    Quasar Science

    Color Temperature


    Item Type




    • LED
    • 95+
    • 100 W
    Color Temperature
    • 2000 – 6000°K


    Lighting Type

    Continuous Lighting

    Power Supply

    Input Connector

    • Barrel (2.1mm x 5.5mm)
    Input Voltage
    • 100-240 VAC
    • 26V DC

    Quasar Science RR100 Double Rainbow 4' RGBX Linear LED

    Cable - Quasar Science Rainbow DC 2.1mm to 8PTAP 8-foot

    Cable - Quasar Science True1 Power Cable 8-foot

    Case - SKB 4909-5 (H42)

    Continuous - Quasar Science Q-Boot Control

    Continuous - Quasar Science Q-Boot Power

    Continuous - Quasar Science RR / R2 Button Shortcut Guide

    Hardware - 3/16" Ball-Point Driver

    Lightstand - Quasar Science Ossium Baby Pin

    Lightstand - Quasar Science Ossium Slider Plate

    Lightstand - Quasar Science Threaded Locking Bolt