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Nikon 1.4x III Teleconverter
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Nikon 1.4x III Teleconverter

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The Nikon 1.4x III Teleconverter is used to increase the focal length of compatible Nikon lenses. Key features include:

  • Focal length increase

  • High-quality optics

  • Wide compatibility

  • Excellent value

40% Focal Length Increase. The TC-14E III provides 40% more reach to compatible lenses with only one stop of light loss while retaining autofocus capability.

High-Quality Optics. The advanced optical design ensures minimal image degradation, while the durable, weather-resistant barrel and fluorine-coated front and rear elements enable use in harsh conditions.

Lens Compatibility. The following lenses are compatible with this teleconverter:

Q & A

Does this teleconverter support autofocus?

  • This teleconverter only supports autofocus if the effective maximum aperture of the lens and teleconverter combo does not exceed the limits of your chosen Nikon camera. This teleconverter adds one stop, so f/2.8 becomes f/4, f/4 becomes f/5.6, f/5.6 becomes f/8, etc. Check your manual or feel free to contact us to verify if autofocus will work.

Can I use this teleconverter with D-series lenses?

  • No, this teleconverter isn’t compatible with D-series lenses.

Can I use this teleconverter with a lens that isn’t listed above?

  • If the lens you want to use this with isn’t listed above, rent at your own risk. Older legacy lenses may mount but not provide autofocus support. As always, please contact us first if you’re unsure.

I’ve never used a teleconverter. What limitations do they have?

  • If you’ve never used a teleconverter, please read about their limitations here.

Nikon 1.4x III Teleconverter

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