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Matthews 14.8' Hollywood Combo Triple Riser Stand
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Matthews 14.8' Hollywood Combo Triple Riser Stand

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The Matthews 14.8’ Hollywood Combo Triple Riser Stand is a sturdy steel support for lighting and grip equipment. This is a heavy-duty stand, made from steel components, making it trustworthy for your heavier lighting rigs. Key features include:

  • Maximum / Minimum height: 14.8’; 4.5’

  • Wide footprint of 43"

  • Rocky mountain leveling leg

  • 1-1/8" junior pin receiver, retractable 5/8" baby pin

Sturdy Construction. This silver plated steel stand provides supports for heavier gear up to 68 lbs. It has a wide footprint of 43" and extra-long legs to provide maximum stability. This stand also features a “Rocky Mountain Leg” that extends independently from the others to balance the load and provide stability on uneven surfaces.

Multiple Mounting Options. This combo stand features a spring loaded knurled 5/8" baby pin that is fully retractable into the stand. In addition to the baby pin, this stand also features a 1-1/8" receiver for heavier duty setups.

Q & A

  • This stand looks pretty big and heavy. Are there any items that will help me lighten the load?
    • Well, there isn’t any magic we can use to make these lighter, but we rent a few carts to help out on your production set. Make sure and check out our Inovativ carts. We’ve found invaluable on our own personal productions, and we highly recommend them to customers as well.

  • Does this rental come with any sandbags or weights?
    • No, but you can find some here.

  • Brand


    Collapsed height

    54.2" / 137.7 cm

    Footprint Diameter

    43" / 3.6ft

    Item Type


    Leveling Leg


    Lighting Type


    Load Capacity

    68 lb / 30.84 kg



    Maximum Height

    177.5" / 14.8 ft

    Minimum Height

    54.2" / 4.5 ft

    Mounting Options

    5/8" Stud, 1-1/8" Receiver

    Matthews 14.8' Hollywood Combo Triple Riser Stand

    Lightstand - Matthews 3/8-16 x 0.88 Knurled T-Handle

    Lightstand - Matthews 5/16-18 Knurled T-Knob

    Lightstand - Matthews Head Assembly for Hollywood Stand