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Kupo Duck Bill Clamp
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Kupo Duck Bill Clamp

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This Kupo Duck Bill Clamp is ideal for holding lighting modifiers such as foamcore, reflector boards, flags, and bounce cards. The Vise-Grip-style quick-release clamp allows for gripping onto flat surfaces very quickly without damaging soft materials. As alluded to by its name, this clamp features a wide metal duckbill (aka platypus) jaw and clamps flat items up to a few inches thick. The steel baby stud welded to the clamp allows it to be firmly affixed to a baby receiver or a grip head.

Q & A

  • Is sandbagging my modifier stands really that big a deal?
    • Most definitely. Lighting modifiers and especially lightweight foamcore tend to become sails in windy conditions, and even in windless conditions they are prone to tipping. We recommend you weight your stands with sandbags or something like the Impact 25-lb. Shot Bag.

  • How heavy of a modifier will this clamp hold?
    • It depends heavily on the size and texture of the material being clamped. It should hold 4 × 4′ pieces of foamcore and similarly weighted modifiers just fine, but we’ve found some larger flags and 4 × 8′ sheets don’t take so well to a single clamp.

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    Production Tool



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    Lighting and Accessory

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    Mounting Options

    5/8 in stud (baby pin)