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DJI Ronin 4D 4-Axis Cinema Camera 6K Combo Kit
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DJI Ronin 4D 4-Axis Cinema Camera 6K Combo Kit

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Designed for both solo use by independent creators and dynamic pro video capture, the Ronin 4D from DJI is an innovative all-in-one camera/gimbal solution. Key features include:

  • Zenmuse X9-6K Camera Gimbal Combo

  • 6K, 4K Super 35 up to 120 fps

  • Z-Axis Camera/3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizing

  • Right Focus/Control, Left Pan/Tilt Grips

4D Stabilization. While a typical gimbal offers 3 degrees of stabilization- pan, tilt, and roll- the DJI Ronin 4D 4-Axis Cinema Camera 6K Combo Kit adds Z-axis vertical stabilization to its built-in camera, ensuring steady footage without the need for any extra stabilizers. Its lightweight carbon fiber and aluminum/magnesium alloy build is ideal for the solo filmmaker/event photographer looking to have as much control as possible in a single package.

Zenmuse X9-6K Camera. The Zenmuse X9 is a full-frame 6K camera capturing 6K footage up to 60 fps in full-frame 2.39:1. It can also record up to 120 fps in 4K Super 35, features 800/5000 dual native ISO with 14 stops of dynamic range, built-in ND.03 to ND2.7 filters, and a LiDAR system that uses up to 43,200 ranging points within a 33’ range.

Apple ProRes 4444 XQ Capable. The Ronin 4D will be shipping without RAW capabilities, but it can record Apple ProRes 4444 XQ to DJI PROSSDs.

Focus. Speaking of LiDAR, it offers excellent focusing performance in low-light environments and its built-in depth meter allows focus pulling to be viewed graphically. The X9’s autofocus can keep your subject sharp even when motion blur is produced, and ActiveTrack Pro provides continuous autofocus and composition adjustment. Automated Manual Focus (AMF) combines the accuracy of manual focus with the ease of autofocus, and the focus wheel included in the right handgrip allows users to manually focus whenever necessary. When used with manual lenses, you’ll need the Zenmuse X9 Focus Motor.

Control. The aforementioned right handgrip uses its focus wheel to navigate camera menus, adjust exposure, and more, without having to move your hand, while the left handgrip features a joystick for controlling the gimbal’s pan/tilt axes.

Monitor. The built-in 5.5" 1920 × 1080 touchscreen monitor can reach a brightness of 1000 cd/m², so you won’t need a separate system adding more bulk to your setup.

DL Lens Mount. The familiar DL lenses used by other popular DJI products are compatible with the Zenmuse X9 as well, including the carbon fiber DJI DL lenses, all of which, except for the 16mm, are full-frame compatible. The X9 supports interchangeable lens mounts for Sony E and Leica M lenses (not included), making the Ronin 4D compatible with ultra-wide, f/0.95 large-aperture, electronic zoom, macro, and anamorphic cine lenses.

Audio, Storage, and Power. The Ronin 4D features integrated stereo microphones capable of capturing 24-bit audio, but the included 3.5mm and XLR audio inputs support external microphones. The Ronin 4D-6K does not support RAW recording and records to CFexpress cards. The entire Ronin 4D system can be powered by DJI TB50 intelligent batteries, which provides up to 2.5 hours of capture while only taking 1.5 hours to charge, so you can quickly swap to a fresh battery without long breaks.

Please Note. This version of the Ronin 4D does not include a RAW upgrade, but we do have the RAW version available here.

Q & A

  • Am I able to install the RAW upgrade to this camera myself?
    • Due to complications we’ve seen, we ask that you do not install the RAW upgrade to this camera using your personal DJI account.

    • Looking for the RAW version of the Ronin 4D? You can find one here.

  • Is the X9 compatible with the DL-S 16mm f/2.8 ND lens?
    • No, the X9 isn’t compatible with the DL-S 16mm f/2.8 ND lens.

  • Does this package include an off-camera monitor?
  • Does this package include a lens?
  • Can I record in RAW?
    • The Ronin 4D will be shipping without RAW capabilities, but it can record Apple ProRes 4444 XQ to DJI PROSSDs.


    Audio Recording

    2-Channel 48 kHz LPCM Audio


    DJI TB50



    Built-In Mic



    Tilting Touchscreen LCD

    Dynamic Range

    14 Stops

    Image Stabilization

    Digital, 4-Axis



    • HDMI (HDMI 1.4) Output
    • 3.5 mm TRS Stereo Mic/Line Input
    • TRS Stereo Headphone Output
    • Barrel (12 to 30 VDC) Input
    • USB Type-C (USB 3.2 / 3.1 Gen 1) Data/Video Input/Output
    • Proprietary Monitor Output


    Item Type


    Load Capacity

    2.1 lb

    Memory Card Slot

    Single Slot: DJI ProSSD
    Single Slot: CFexpress Type B

    Mfr. Model Number


    Monitor Resolution

    1920 × 1080

    Monitor Size


    Rotational Angle Range

    Yaw (Pan): 285°
    Pitch (Tilt):
    210° (-55 to 155°)
    Roll: 70° (-35 to 35°)

    Sensor Resolution

    24.1 Megapixel

    Sensor Type

    Full-Frame CMOS

    DJI Ronin 4D 4-Axis Cinema Camera 6K Combo Kit

    AC Adapter - DJI CDX170-90 5V / 2A Barrel

    Cable - DJI Focus Motor LiDAR Type C Angled Locking

    Cable - USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-A Male to Type-C 3-foot

    Case - Trekpak/Pelican im2600 (H11)

    Charger - Non-Polarized Cable

    DJI Ronin 4D 4-Axis Cinema Camera

    DJI Zenmuse X9 - 6K

    Drone - DJI Inspire 2 TB50 Battery

    Hardware - DJI Ronin 4D Battery Mount

    Hardware - DJI Ronin 4D Main Monitor Mount

    Hardware - DJI Zenmuse X9 LiDAR 106g Counterweight

    Monitor Accessory - DJI 4D Main Monitor Shoe Mount

    Monitor - DJI Ronin 4D Main Body

    Mount - DJI Zenmuse X9 DL

    Stabilizer Accessory - DJI LiDAR Range Finder

    Stabilizer Accessory - DJI Ronin 4D Baseplate

    Stabilizer Accessory - DJI Ronin 4D Left Handgrip w/ Joystick

    Stabilizer Accessory - DJI Ronin 4D Right Handgrip w / Focus Wheel

    Stabilizer Accessory - DJI TB50 Battery Mount for Ronin 4D

    Stabilizer Accessory - DJI TB50 Charging Adapter (26.1V DC-IN)

    Support Accessory - DJI Ronin 4D Top Handle

    Support Accessory - DJI X9 LiDar Range Finder Holder

    Support Accessory - DJI Zenmuse X9 LiDAR 106g Counterweight