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Marumi 58mm EXUS Circular Polarizer Filter
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Marumi 58mm EXUS Circular Polarizer Filter

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The Marumi 58mm EXUS Circular Polarizer Filter is a high-quality slim-profile filter that’s great for outdoor use on wide-angle lenses. Key features include:

  • Blackened outer rim glass for improved contrast

  • Thin filter ring with teflon-coated male threads

  • Won’t vignette with wide-angle lenses

  • Anti-static and water- and oil-resistant coatings

High-Quality Construction. These filters have anti-static and water- and oil-resistant coatings to protect them from the elements, and their optical glass boasts a blackened outer ring that improves contrast by combating flare and ghosting.

Thin-Profile Filter Ring. These filters’ slim-profile, low-reflection rings markedly reduce the probability of vignetting with wide-angle lenses. The rings feature multiple light-blocking ridges and a satin finish to provide less than 0.6% surface reflectivity, which further helps to prevent flare and ghosting. The rings’ Teflon-coated male threads and knurled designs make them easy to install and remove, and decrease the likelihood of filter jams.

Please Note: These are rather expensive and delicate filters. If taken into harsh conditions, like blowing sand, they will scratch and pit and we will charge you for the replacement when the filter returns. We understand a small hairline scratch may occur and don’t consider that your fault, but a badly scratched filter is useless.

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