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Wooden UMB-1 Swing Away 3-Stage Matte Box (19mm Studio)
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Wooden UMB-1 Swing Away 3-Stage Matte Box (19mm Studio)

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The Wooden Camera UMB-1 Matte Box is a full-featured, modular matte box system. This version includes three rotating filter stages and a pre-installed swing away arm, adapted for 15mm LWS and 19mm Studio rods. Key features include:

  • Swing away arm for easy lens access

  • 15mm LWS and 19mm Studio rod system compatibility

  • Three rotating filter stages with 4 × 5.65″ filter trays

  • NATO accessory rails; top and side flags

Swing-Away Design. The swing-away design enables quick lens changes without having to disassemble. This kit includes two pre-installed rod adapters for mounting to 15mm LWS or 19mm Studio rod systems.

Rotating Filter Stages. The Wooden UMB-1 Swing Away 3-Stage Matte Box (19mm Studio) includes three rotating filter stages with 4 × 5.65” filter holders, giving you flexibility when using popular cinema filters like circular polarizers or ND filters. The filter trays feature spring-loaded locks and there are dedicated knobs for filter position and filter rotation.

NATO Accessory Rails Included. This matte box includes NATO accessory rails on the left, right, and top, making it easy for you to mount accessories.

Top & Side Flags. With our kit, with include both a folding top “French flag” and adjustable side flags. These are handy for blocking lens flare and preventing light leak. If you don’t need them, they are quick and easy to remove.

Lens Compatibility. The Wooden Camera UMB-1 Swing Away Matte Box features a 143mm opening and includes a “nun’s knickers” fabric lens donut to prevent light leaks with smaller lenses. This means you can attach the matte box to a wide range of cinema lenses.

Q & A

  • Can I use 4 x 4-inch filters in the included 4 x 5.65-inch filter trays?
    • You may mount 4 × 4-inch filters in the center of these trays, but light could leak from the sides. The wider the lens, the more light will likely leak.



    Wooden Camera

    Camera Support Type

    Matte Box


    9″ × 6″ × 3.5″

    Filter Stages


    Filter Style

    4 × 5.65″ (filters not included)

    Item Type

    Camera Support

    Mounting Options

    15mm LWS and 19mm Studio Spacing rod clamps


    2.3 lbs. (with top flag)