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Wooden Camera ARRI LPL Mount For RED DSMC2 Cameras
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Wooden Camera ARRI LPL Mount For RED DSMC2 Cameras

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The Wooden Camera ARRI LPL Mount For RED DSMC2 Cameras is a durable adapter that—you guessed it!—lets you mount LPL-mount lenses on RED DSMC2 cameras. Key features include:

  • Mounts LPL lenses to RED DSMC2 cameras

  • Compatible with ARRI LPL Signature lenses

  • Shim kit and ARRI LDS-2 port included

  • Aircraft-grade aluminum build with captive screws

LPL Lens to RED DSMC2 Camera. The Wooden Camera ARRI LPL Mount For RED DSMC2 Cameras lets you mount LPL-mount lenses, such as the ARRI LPL Signature Primes, on RED DSMC2 cameras. This lets you take advantage of the DSMC2 cameras’ large sensors in combination with Signature Primes’ superior coverage.

Shim Kit Included. The ARRI LPL Mount includes a shim kit for precise adjustment of its flange focal distance. This lets you ensure that the mount is within tolerances and the right distance from the sensor to give you the best results.

ARRI LDS-2 Port. This mount also includes an ARRI LDS-2 port that will be used to communicate lens data once the metadata workflow is available.

Durable Build. This mount is constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum and features captive screws, making it unlikely that you’ll accidentally drop screws into the camera while swapping mounts.



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