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Westcott Rapid Box Switch 3x4 Softbox for Bowens
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Westcott Rapid Box Switch 3x4 Softbox for Bowens

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*up to 2nd day air - overnight available

The Westcott Rapid Box Switch 3×4 Softbox for Bowens is a foldable softbox that’s designed for rapid setup. It includes a Bowens speedring insert. Key features include:

  • Compatible with Bowens mount strobes

  • Designed for easy setup, breakdown, and rapid swapping

  • Maximizes light output and provides accurate color rendition

  • Durable, lightweight build

Easy Setup and Rapid Swapping. As its name implies, the Westcott Rapid Box Switch 3×4 Softbox’s collapsible umbrella design accepts different speedring inserts, with this version being for Bowens mount. The Rapid Box’s quick-release thumb lock makes sure your light stays secure.

Bright, True Color Rendition. This softbox’s neutral diffusion material ensures true color rendition, while its reflective silver material maximizes your light source’s output. It’s great for head-and-shoulders portraiture, fashion photography, and any shooting environment that won’t accommodate a larger modifier.

Durable Build. This Westcott Rapid Box Switch Softbox’s solid metal framework provides high durability at a light weight, while its fabric is heat resistant.

Carrying Case. This rental includes a carrying case for easy transport.

Compatibility. This modifier works with Bowens mount strobes such as the Westcott FJ400 400Ws Strobe with AC/DC Battery.

Q & A

That’s a pretty big modifier. Is there anything else I might need?

  • Yep! In fact, we highly recommend renting our Impact 15-lb. Shot Bag or Impact 25-lb. Shot Bag in addition to this modifier, especially if you’re using traditional light stands and not C-Stands. Since this works like a big umbrella, it’s easy for even a small amount of wind or someone bumping the stand to knock the whole setup off balance and onto the ground.



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Westcott Rapid Box Switch 3x4 Softbox for Bowens

Case - Westcott Rapid Box Switch 3x4 SB (M43)

Modifiers - Westcott Rapid Box Switch 3x4 Inner Panel

Modifiers - Westcott Rapid Box Switch 3x4 Outer Panel

Modifiers - Westcott Rapid Box Switch Insert - Bowens