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Westcott Flex D-Tap Cable
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Westcott Flex D-Tap Cable

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*up to 2nd day air - overnight available

This item is an accessory. It must be rented with a non-accessory item.

The Westcott Flex D-Tap cable enables battery-powered options for Westcott Flex 1×1 Bi-Color LED Mat Cine Set. Key features include:

  • Enables battery power for the Westcott Flex 1×1

  • 40-inch length for ease of use

  • Excellent value

  • Only compatible with Flex 1×1. Does not work with larger panels.

D-Tap. Nowhere near AC power? No worries. The Westcott Flex D-Tap cable lets you power the Westcott Flex 1×1 Bi-Color LED Mat Cine Set via large-capacity batteries like the Anton Bauer Digital 90 Gold Mount.

How to Use It. This isn’t a trick question; it’s a suggestion. The D-Tap cable itself is 40 inches long, so you’ve got room to work with for battery placement.

  • Does this work with all of the Westcott Flex LED mats?
  • Does this rental include any batteries or chargers?
    • This rental doesn’t include any batteries or chargers.

    • Since we don’t know what equipment you already own or are renting, we’re renting this cable a la carte.