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Teradek RT MDR.ACI Wireless RED Camera Control
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Teradek RT MDR.ACI Wireless RED Camera Control

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4 Day Rental Price:



*up to 2nd day air - overnight available

The Teradek RT MDR.ACI Wireless RED Camera Control is a wireless assistant camera interface that lets you remotely access your RED DSMC2 camera’s settings and menus. Key features include:

  • Long range DSMC2 control using RCP

  • Customizable menu and user buttons

  • Supports up to 3 motors for Focus, Iris, and Zoom control

  • D-Tap power source and DSMC2 expander module required

Easy Setup. The Teradek RT MDR.ACI Wireless RED Camera Control mounts to the assistant side of a DSMC2 brain and connects to a compatible expander module’s control port for wireless and on-board access to your camera settings. Need to add wireless lens control? We also rent the Teradek RT MK3.1 Lens Control w/ MDR.ACI Receiver bundled with this receiver.

Integrated LCD and Intuitive Controls. The bright, integrated LCD reformats RED’s default camera menu for ease of use, and clearly displays the information you need. Customizable buttons and a jog wheel let you easily navigate the camera’s menus.

Connections. The MDR.ACI features three 4-pin motor ports, one 4-pin power input, and two aux controller input ports. Two MDR.ACI 2.4GHz RP-SMA Wifi Antennas are rated for up to 5,000’ with an indoor wireless range up to 500’. Please note, wireless transmission is measured line of sight and in ideal working conditions. Reliable transmission at a distance of 5000’ or 500’ is unlikely for most shoots.

Expander Module and Power Source Required. This ACI requires a DSMC2 expander module featuring a dedicated CTRL input and a p-tap external power source like the ones commonly found on brick batteries and battery plates. If you are renting a DSMC2 brain from us, we already include a DSMC2 Base Expander.

  • What else do I need?
    • The MDR.ACI requires an external p-tap power source like ones commonly found on brick batteries and battery plates as well as a DSMC2 expander module featuring a control input such as the Base Expander.

    • If you are renting a DSMC2 brain from us, a base expander will already be included.

  • Why am I getting a "No RCP connections to camera!" warning?
    • DSMC2 brains do not default to the RED Command Protocol (RCP) as the control protocol. To turn on RCP, navigate Menu>Settings>Setup>Communication>Serial and select RED Command Protocol from the dropdown options.

  • Does this rental include lens motors and cables?
  • Will this work with all RED brains?
    • No. This is only compatible with DSMC2 brains.

  • Brand


    Camera Support Type



    Run/Stop and Full Control:
    RED DSMC2 Cameras

    RF Handsets:
    CTRL.1 Controller
    MK3.1 Controller

    MK3.1 Motor


    1x 4-Pin Power
    1x 4-Pin CTRL, RS-232 REDControl
    3x 4-Pin Motor
    2x 4-Pin Aux/Slave Controller
    1x Micro-USB (Firmware Updates)


    L x W x H: 0.9″ × 3.1″ × 5.7″

    Item Type

    Accessory and Camera Support


    M4 Screws to Included DSMC2 Bracket

    Network Protocol

    RCP (RED Command Protocol)

    Power Draw

    3 W, Nominal

    Power Input

    7 to 24 VDC, via 4-Pin Power Input

    Software Supported

    FoolControl for iOS, Android, and macOS devices


    0.6 lb.


    Teradek RT FHSS 2.4 GHz
    Bluetooth BLE 5.0

    Wireless Range

    5000’ / 1500 m (Line-of-Sight)

    500’ / 150 m (Indoors)

    Teradek RT MDR.ACI Wireless RED Camera Control

    Hardware - Teradek/RED Camera Control

    Teradek ACI Contol / Power Cable

    Teradek MDR.ACI 2.4GHz RP-SMA Wifi Antenna

    Teradek MDR.ACI 2.4GHz RP-SMA Wifi Antenna

    Teradek MDR.ACI Wireless RED Camera Control