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Syrp Genie II Linear

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The Syrp Genie II Liniear is a motorized linear motion control head designed for time-lapse photography and videography supporting cameras up to 11 pounds. Key features include:

  • 10-feet of linear control

  • Supports cameras up to 12 pounds

  • Controlled via bluetooth mobile devices

  • Advanced time-lapse camera control features

10-foot Linear Control. The Genie II is a wholly new design from Syrp but builds atop the features found on the already versatile Syrp Genie. The Genie II linear head performs just the linear function of the previous Genie. Users can attach the head to a slider of their choosing for motion-controlled slider moves. For a full three-axis setup that’s ready to mount on your slider, you can also add the Syrp Genie II Motorized Pan/Tilt Head to your cart.

Time-Lapse, Panorama, & Video Modes. Syrp has included powerful tools for photographers and videographers alike. Attaching a camera with the correct connection cable (not included) gives the Genie II control over the shutter for standard time-lapse and HDR timelapse shots. Movement can be controlled live for smooth video shots, and if you really want to dig in, multi-point moves can be programmed with keyframe support.

Wireless App Control. Of course, the head can be controlled with on-device controls, but connect your wireless device via bluetooth to open the full functionality of the Genie II. The app has been completely redesigned for this product and let’s you select from presets or design custom shots quickly and easily.

Swappable Li-ion Battery. New to the Genie II is a removable battery for extending shoots without breaking for a recharge. The 2600mAh battery will run the Genie for 24 hours for time-lapse photography and about 6 hours for video moves. Recharging the battery will take around 4 hours.

Camera Compatibility. The Syrp Genie II is compatible with a wide range of camera systems. Most cameras with electronic shutter release ports can be controlled via a 2.5mm sync port adapter cable, and as long as your camera is under 12 pounds, the head can be used in a fully vertical orientation. Cameras between 12 and 22 pounds can be used when remaining horizontal.

Q & A

Do I need any additional accessories to mount a camera to this product?
  • Cameras can be mounted directly to the Genie II thanks to a combo 1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16 mounting screw, but you might be interested in a ball head for simplified leveling and framing adjustments. If you don’t have one of your own, the Giottos MH1302 Medium Duty Ballhead is a great option.

Does this product offer full three-axis movement?
  • No. This item alone will only provide linear movement down a slider.

  • If you need pan and tilt capabilities, you’ll also need to add the Genie II Pan/Tilt head.

Motion Control




Camera Support Type



USB Type-C

  • Charging
  • Camera Trigger
  • Camera Control
Bluetooth 4.2 LE
  • Syrp Genie App
Wi-Fi 2.4Ghz


Item Type

Camera Support


Maximum Speed

  • Linear: 160mm/sec
Minimum Resolution
  • Linear: .01mm
  • Horizontal: 16.5 lb
  • Vertical: 11 lb
  • 2 lb w/battery
  • Top: 1/4" or 3/8" screw
  • Bottom: 3/8 threaded hole (3/8" – 1/4" bushing incl.)


Power Supply


  • Type: 2600 mAh 11.1V Li-Ion (removable)
  • Battery Life: 12 hr (timelapse),
    8 hr (video mode)
  • Charge Time: 3 hr


Support Type


AC Adapter - Syrp CA-30 USB-C (Genie II)

Battery - Syrp Genie II BP-02

Cable - USB 2.0 A Male to Type C

Cable - USB 2.0 Type-C to Type-C 3-foot

Slider Accessory - Syrp Genie II Linear

Slider Accessory - Syrp Genie II Linear Battery Door

Slider Accessory - Syrp Genie II Linear Capstan

Slider Accessory - Syrp Genie II Linear QR 1/4"-20 Screw

Slider Accessory - Syrp Genie II Linear QR 3/8"-16 Screw

Slider Accessory - Syrp Genie II Linear QR Plate

Slider Accessory - Syrp Slider Mount

Slider Accessory - Syrp Slider Mount