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Sony CCB-WD1 Wired Control Box for RX0 Camera
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Sony CCB-WD1 Wired Control Box for RX0 Camera

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Sony CCB-WD1 Wired Control Box for RX0 Camera is an add-on accessory for the Sony RX0& RX0 II that allows for frame-accurate syncing and IP control of 100 cameras. Key features include:

  • Frame-accurate syncing of up to 100 cameras

  • One-button control of synced cameras via web browser

  • Control on/off, shutter release, and exposure settings

  • Transfer files up to 4GB via IP

Have You Heard of Bullet Time? Sure you have, and the CCB-WD1 Wired Control Box for RX0 Camera is a way to do it. Wrangling bulk quantities of cameras it always complicated, but if you want frame-accurate single button control of up to 100 cameras, there are few ways that are comparatively easier.

Networked Control. This system relies on a wired local area network for communication between the two to one hundred cameras you plan on using for your project. We include one 5-foot Cat6 cable with each control box rental, but you’ll need a network switch to connect them all to your computer of choice.

Camera Compatibility. This control box is only compatible with the Sony RX0 Ultra-Compact Camera and Sony Cyber-Shot RX0 II. One control box will be needed for every RX0 or RX0 II camera you plan on using.

Mounting. The control box features a 1/4"-20 threaded hole on the bottom for mounting. 

Q & A

Will I need anything else?

  • At the very least, you will need a computer with an ethernet port. For multiple camera setups you will need a network switch or ethernet hub without a router function.

How many cameras can I control with one control box?
  • You’ll need one control box for every camera you plan to network together.

Will this work with cameras other than the Sony RX0 and RX0 II?
  • No. This control box will only control Sony RX0 Ultra-Compact Camera and Sony Cyber-Shot RX0 II cameras.

Action Cam Compatibility

Sony RX0



Camcorder Type


Camera Type


Item Type

Camera Support

AC Adapter - Sony AC-UUD12

Accessory - Sony CCB-WD1 Cable Protector

Cable - Cat6 Network 5ft

Cable - Sony Multi-Terminal 0.4m

Cable - Sony Multi-Terminal 2.0m

Cable - USB 2.0 A Male to Micro B

Sony CCB-WD1 Wired Control Box for RX0