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Rode Wireless GO Compact Wireless System w/ Omni Lav Mic
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Rode Wireless GO Compact Wireless System w/ Omni Lav Mic

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The Rode Wireless GO Compact Wireless System w/ Omni Lav Mic is an ultra-compact, simple-to-use, digital wireless audio system. Key features include:

  • Omni Lav Mic included

  • Up to a 230-foot wireless range

  • Seven hours of use from rechargeable internal batteries

  • Very easy set up

Simple, Affordable Wireless Audio. Not only is the Rode Wireless GO Compact Wireless System w/ Omni Lav Mic a great value but the Rode Wireless GO Compact Wireless Microphone System is by far the easiest way to get on-talent audio into your camera or audio recorder. Simply plug in, power on, pair and go! You can even use up to 8x sets on a single location.

Lavalier Mic Included. While the Rode Wireless Go transmitter already features an integrated microphone, we know the clip-on style mic isn’t ideal for all shoots. With the addition of the Rode Omni lav mic, you get the same Rode Wireless Go simplicity in a subtle, more conventional wireless audio solution.

Internal Battery. Both the receiver and the transmitter have a rechargeable internal battery that will power them for up to seven hours. We include two USB Type C cables for charging the devices from standard USB power bricks (not included) or computer USB ports.

Q & A

Does this kit include a windscreen or mic clip?

  • Yes! We include a mic clip and standard foam windscreen with this kit.

Can I pair more than one receiver to a transmitter?
  • No. This wireless system is designed to work 1:1.

How many Rode Wireless Go kits can be used at once?
  • Rode claims up to eight transmitter and receiver sets may be used simultaneously in a single location. This seems pretty ambitious for an affordable wireless lav set, and we recommend scheduling a test run before your shoot if you plan to use multiple sets at once.

Audio Type

Lavalier Mic



Item Type


Audio Accessory - Rode SC2 3.5 mm TRS Patch Cable

Cable - USB 2.0 A Male to Type C

Cable - USB 2.0 A Male to Type C

Hardware - Rode Go Lavalier

Mic - Rode GO Lavalier (3.5mm)

Mic - Rode Wireless Go RX

Mic - Rode Wireless Go TX