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RED Al Canon Mount for DSMC / DSMC2 Brain
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RED Al Canon Mount for DSMC / DSMC2 Brain

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This machined aluminum mount lets you use approved Canon EF and EF-S mount lenses with RED DSMC/DSMC2 brains. Key features include:

  • DSMC/DSMC2 brain compatible

  • Autofocus/iris support for compatible EF lenses

  • Lightweight machined aluminum w/dual-ring lock

  • No backfocus adjustment necessary

Q & A

What lenses are compatible with this mount?

  • Officially supported EF mount lenses can be found here.

  • While some Zeiss ZE photo lenses have made it on the compatible list, we recommend opting for the Zeiss CP.2s in EF mount to avoid potential electronic aperture issues.


RED Al Canon Mount for DSMC / DSMC2 Brain

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