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Manfrotto Lykos 2.0 2-in-1 Daylight and Bi-Color LED

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4 Day Rental Price:



*up to 2nd day air - overnight available

Manfrotto’s Lykos 2.0 2 in 1 LED is a professional daylight and bi-color LED device designed to cover the needs of professional videographers and photographers for whom lighting is at the heart of the creative process. Key features include:

  • Bi-color LED

  • AC/DC powered

  • Slim, lightweight design

  • Built-in Bluetooth

Variable Tungsten to Daylight Balance. This modern-style, highly user-oriented on-camera light packs a lot of punch, while remaining simple and easy to use. The 60 surface-mount LEDs are designed for improved optical efficiency, and provides a 1600 lux max brightness at 3.3 ft. The color-temperature is variable between 3500 and 6500K with flicker-free, stepless dimming. You can also remotely adjust color temperature and brightness via an iOS or Android Lykos app utilizing the built-in Bluetooth 4.0 capability.

Slim, Lightweight Design. This fixture is an updated version of the first generation LYKOS and has been redesigned to cover the needs of professional videographers and photographers for whom lighting is at the heart of the creative process. Every detail of the Lykos 2.0 LED is designed with clean minimalist lines for a sleek look and feel. It’s also easy to handle, carry, and store, making your shoot that much less stressful. The Lykos 2.0 LED light exceeds industry performance standards thanks to its advanced surface-mounted technology combined with a built-in lens, which optimize optical efficiency and ensure spot-on color rendition and color cast for the most natural lighting.

AC/DC Powered. The Lykos 2.0 can be powered by the included AC adapter as well as Sony L-series and Canon LP-E6 batteries. This rental includes two Hawk-Woods DV-F590 L-Series battery and one AC-VQ1051D charger. This light can also be powered by Canon LP-E6N batteries, which are not included with this rental.

Built-In Bluetooth. The built-in Bluetooth can be used to directly monitor and control fixtures from your smartphone using the dedicated iOS or Android Lykos app. The Lykos 2.0 LED Light is compatible with Manfrotto Lykos Softbox light modifiers and includes a diffuser to help create the desired light effect.

Q & A

  • Do you offer any complete multi-light Lykos 2.0 kits?
    • Yes, we rent a battery-free Manfrotto Lykos 2.0 Bi-Color LED 3-Light Studio Kit if you’re working with an accessible AC power source.

    • We also rent a battery-powered Manfrotto Lykos 2.0 Bi-Color LED 3-Light Location Kit for longer, on-location shoots.

  • Is the battery cover included with this rental?
    • No, this rental doesn’t include the battery cover, however, if you would like one, they can be requested in the special instructions box upon checkout.

    • The battery cover permits the light to be used in wet weather, though not submerged.

  • Can I use the USB cable to power this device?
    • Yes, but a QC3.0 power supply (not included) is required for 100% brightness

    • A 5V2A power supply (not included) is required for 30% brightness

  • Resources

  • Manual
  • iOS Lykos 2.0 App
  • Android Lykos 2.0 App
  • Battery

    L-series or LP-E6

    Beam Angle




    Color Accuracy Standard

    CRI 97

    Color Temperature

    Bi-Color, Daylight, and Tungsten


    8.3 × 5.9″ / 21.1 × 15 cm


    Yes, 0 to 100%

    Item Type


    Lighting Type

    Continuous Lighting

    Mount Types

    1/4"-20 Female

    Number of LEDs



    1600 lux at 3.28’

    Power Source

    AC Adapter, External Battery

    Manfrotto Lykos 2.0 2-in-1 Daylight and Bi-Color LED

    AC Adapter - Manfrotto Lykos 2.0 Bi-Color KSA-36W

    Bag - Porta Brace CS-B9 Stuff Sack

    Battery - Hawk-Woods DV-F590

    Battery - Hawk-Woods DV-F590

    Cable - USB 2.0 Type-A to Type-C 6-foot

    Charger - Non-Polarized Cable

    Charger - Sony AC-VQ1051D

    Continuous - Manfrotto LYKOS 2.0 Bi-Color Diffusion Gel

    Support Accessory - LYKOS Hotshoe Mount