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Insta360 X4

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4 Day Rental Price:



*up to 2nd day air - overnight available

Break into the world of cinematic 360° video with the compact Insta360 X4 360° 8K Camera, capable of capturing 8K30 360° video in dual or single-lens modes all in one portable action camera. The X4 offers an action-ready design with AI-powered software for an intuitive approach to creating dynamic content in any environment, as well as removable lens guards, up to 5K120 “Bullet Time” capture, and 11K time-lapse. The X4 also has an updated rugged design, is natively waterproof up to 33’, and has an upgraded rechargeable 2290mAh battery for increased runtime. Key features include:

  • For Content Creators and Videographers
  • 8K30/5.7K60 360°Cinematic H.265 Video
  • 360° Post Reframing, Longer Runtime
  • Rugged Design, Removable Lens Guards

This camera does NOT include a separate battery charger, it charges the battery in-camera with the supplied USB C cable. If you'd like to rent an extra battery, please click here.

Q & A

  • Does this rental include a battery charger?
    • Nah, we include a cable that allows in-camera charging, but no dedicated battery charger.

  • Do the X3 batteries fit in the X4?
    • Unfortunately no. The Insta360 X4 will not use the same batteries as the Insta360 X3.



Camcorder Type

VR / 360˚

Camera Type


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Insta360 X4

Cable - LR Thunderbolt 4 USB 3-foot

Case - Tetrafab Accessory EVA Small - Black

VR - Insta360 Lens Cap for X4

VR - Insta360 X4 CINSBBMA Battery 2290mAh

VR - Insta360 X4 Thermo Grip Cover

VR - Insta360 X4 USB Port Cover