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Epson PowerLite L735U WUXGA 3LCD Laser Projector
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Epson PowerLite L735U WUXGA 3LCD Laser Projector

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The Epson PowerLite L735U WUXGA 3LCD Laser Projector boasts 7000 lumens of brightness and supports 4K and 10-bit video. Key features include:

  • 1920 × 1200 native resolution, 4K supported resolution

  • 2,500,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio

  • 7000 lumens of brightness

  • Built-in 10W speaker

4K Laser Projection. The Epson PowerLite L735U WUXGA 3LCD Laser Projector has a native resolution of 1920×1200 but uses software and scaling to support up to 4K video. Paired with the 7000 lumens of brightness, the image from the projector will be clear even with excess ambient light. The impressive 2,500,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio prevents the image from appearing washed out or muted in brighter areas.

Presentation Pro. When you have to give presentations between funny cat videos, the Epson PowerLite includes all the I/O you might need, including multiple HDMI ports, VGA, audio, ethernet, and data connections. The projector supports screen sharing, mirrorring, split screen, and wireless connectivity, allowing you to display data and images from a variety of sources, even from multiple sources at the same time. The PowerLite is designed to work from up to 500" away from the target projection surface, so you won’t have to worry about whether it’ll fit your space.

Robust. In addition to the wide range of I/O, the PowerLite is designed to accommodate just about any scenario. It’s VESA compatible (hardware not included) and includes horizontal and vertical lens shift so you can set it up once and forget it. It features 1.6x optical zoom, e-zoom, keystone and other geometric correction tools, brightness and contrast adjustments, and can be adjusted all from the projector itself or the included remote, rated for use from up to 26 feet away.

Accessory Type

Production Tool




1 x RJ45 (HDBaseT) Audio, Control, Data, Power, Service, Video
2 x HDMI (HDMI) Audio, Video Input
1 x HDMI (HDMI) Audio, Video Output
1 x DE-15/DB-15 (VGA) Video Input
1 x DE-15/DB-15 (VGA) Video Input/Output
2 × 1/8" / 3.5 mm Mini Audio Input
1 × 1/8" / 3.5 mm Mini Audio Output
1 x USB-A (USB 2.0) Data
1 x USB-A (USB 2.0) Power Output
1 x USB-B (USB 2.0) Service Input
1 x RJ45 (Ethernet) LAN
1 x DE-9/DB-9 (RS-232) Control

Item Type



1920 × 1200
Max Supported
3840 × 2160

Epson PowerLite L735U WUXGA 3LCD Laser Projector

Case - TrekPak/Pelican im2720 (H16)

Charger - 3 Prong Universal Power Cord 15ft

Hood - Kaiser 100mm Push-On Cap

Projector - Epson 1485Fi Remote