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Electro-Voice RE320 Dynamic Studio Mic
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Electro-Voice RE320 Dynamic Studio Mic

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The Electro-Voice RE320 Dynamic Studio Mic is a professional quality cardioid-pattern, dynamic microphone designed for vocal and instrument recording. Key features include:

  • Dynamic capsule with a cardioid polar pattern

  • 30 Hz to 18 kHz frequency range

  • 180° of Variable-D proximity control for even vocal tones

  • Includes a standard microphone stand clamp

The Radio Voice. Electro-Voice is renown for their presence in radio and in particular the full vocal tone they provide. The Electro-Voice RE320 Variable-D dynamic microphone is the kid sibling of the industry standard RE20, but continues the tradition of the Electro-Voice radio sound.

Reduced Proximity Effect. On top of the vocal tuned frequency curve, the RE320 has EV’s Variable-D design for 180-degrees of even vocal tone around the front of the mic. This is particularly useful in group recording sessions where speakers need the freedom to look around.

Professional Quality. This mic is designed from end to end for professional applications. That means a rugged housing and grille that protect hand-assembled internals. As a side effect this mic is rather large at about 8-1/2-inches and a heft to match. You’ll need a heavy stand like the Triad-Orbit OM Desktop Tripod Boom Stand to properly support it.

The Technical Stuff. This microphone features a cardioid polar pattern with a dynamic, neodymium-magnet capsule, so no phantom power is required. The design gives a fast response and added clarity in high frequencies It has hum-bucking coil guards so you can push gain without the worry of interference and hums, and a high SPL rating allows it to be used on loud audio sources without the fear of damage.

Q & A

  • Does this rental include an XLR cable?
    • No. This rental does not include an XLR audio cable, but we do have the available separately at this link.

  • Does this rental include a shock mount?
    • Yes. This rental includes both a standard microphone clamp and a shockmount clamp.

  • Audio Type





    2.14 in

    Frequency Range

    30 Hz to 18 kHz

    Item Type



    8.53 in

    Polar Pattern


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