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DZOFilm Catta Zoom 35-80mm T2.9 (Canon RF)
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DZOFilm Catta Zoom 35-80mm T2.9 (Canon RF)

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The DZOFilm Catta Zoom 35-80mm T2.9 is a parfocal, cine-style lens with a mid-range zoom and 43.5mm image circle, providing full frame coverage. This Catta Zoom includes a Canon RF-mount for select cameras and camcorders. Key features include:

  • Maintains focus throughout the zoom range

  • Near-zero focus breathing

  • High-quality cine build with geared focus and zoom rings

  • Sixteen-blade aperture diaphragm

RF-Mount Cine Zoom. The DZOFilm Catta Zoom 35-80mm T2.9 provides a versatile range of focal lengths that makes it great for run-and-gun documentary-style shooting, concert films, and indie filmmaking in general. Its sixteen-blade aperture produces round, extremely pleasing bokeh, and its optical design ensures sharpness and highly accurate color reproduction.

Parfocal Design. The parfocal design means this lens holds focus throughout its zoom range, and its internal-focusing floating-elements construction all but eliminates focus breathing.

Cinema Build. The 35-80mm T2.9’s aperture and focusing rings boast standard 0.8 mod gears so that you can easily install a follow-focus system. Its geared focus ring has 240° of travel and ensures smooth, precise focusing and zooming, while its 2.5-foot minimum focusing distance lets you get in close. You get a 100° zoom rotation range and a 75° iris rotation range. Its 80mm front diameter lets you use standard matte boxes, and there’s a 77mm filter thread to boot.

Durable, Lightweight Construction. This lens’s polycarbonate and glass-fiber body keeps its weight a low 3.4 lbs., so you can use it handheld or with a gimbal or drone. It’s about 8.4 inches long, which is fairly typical for a cine lens with this range.


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  • Autofocus

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    Full Frame

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    Focal Length


    Hood Included


    Image Stabilization


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    Canon RF

    DZOFilm Catta Zoom 35-80mm T2.9 (Canon RF)

    Filter - DZOFilm Catta Zoom Drop-in

    Filter - Protective B+W XS-Pro Clear 77mm

    Hood - DZO Catta Zoom 80mm Push-On Cap (White)

    Mount - DZOFilm Catta (Canon RF)

    Video Support - DZOFilm Catta Zoom Support Bracket