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DJI Focus Pro Hand Unit

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4 Day Rental Price:



*up to 2nd day air - overnight available

The DJI Focus Pro Hand Unit is a compact FIZ control accessory designed to pair with the Focus Pro Motor to enable autofocus with a manual lens. Key features include:

  • For RS 3 Pro / RS 4 Pro gimbals

  • 1.09" touchscreen display

  • Facilitates FIZ control

  • 524.9’ transmission distance

Handheld FIZ Control. Combine this DJI Focus Pro Hand Unit with your Focus Pro Motor to employ autofocus capabilities to a manual lens being used with an RS 3 Pro or RS 4 Pro gimbal. This unit is provided with 2.4 GHz technology that allows you to control the Focus Pro Motor from up to 524.9 feet away.

Design and Features. The Focus Pro Hand Unit provides you with a 1.09" touchscreen that displays your battery voltage, Bluetooth connection status, the focus mode in use, and more! The provided “M” button on this unit is used to switch between AF/MF mode and AMF/MF mode, while the A/B button is used to set focus points. To set the points, all you’ll need to do is press the A/B button once to select point A, then rotate the focus knob to the position you want, and select the button again to select point B. To clear both points, just press the button once more! There’s a ton of tiny details on this compact hand unit, including a record start/stop button, trigger, zoom stick, iris marking strip, and and iris slider!

Power Trip. This unit is powered by a single NP-F550 battery, which we do not include with this rental. We recommend grabbing the tried ‘n’ true Hawk-Woods DV-F590 L-Series Battery.

Q & A

Can I use this product with a Ronin 4D and High Bright monitor?
  • Here’s the thing—you need a specific hinged bracket to use this Focus Pro Hand Unit with the Ronin 4D and High Bright monitor, and that bracket is currently only available as part of the out-of-production DJI 3-Channel Follow Focus Hand Unit.

  • We don’t currently have enough of these hinged brackets on hand to support this rig configuration, and DJI currently doesn’t offer them for sale. So unless you already have the bracket as part of a DJI 3-Channel Follow Focus Hand Unit, we can’t recommend using the DJI Focus Pro Hand Unit with the DJI Ronin 4D and High Bright monitor.

  • We hope to add more of the hinged brackets to our inventory once DJI starts selling them. If this rig configuration is important to you and you’d like to help us out, you can also bug DJI about making this piece available for purchase. Their official name for it is the “High-Bright Remote Monitor Holder.”

Does this rental include a battery?


Cable Length



DJI RS 4 Pro Gimbal Stabilizer / RS 3 Pro Gimbal Stabilizer

Display Display Size
  • 1.09"
  • Yes


  • CE, FCC
Operating Temperature
  • -4 to 113°F


Item Type


Max Transmission Distance

328.1 to 524.9’



  • 5 × 3.4 × 3.4″
  • 19.6 oz



Power Source

  • Battery
Battery Type
  • 1x Sony L-Series
DC Input Power
  • 6.3 to 8.4 VDC
Power Consumption
  • 0.83 W (Typical)



Bluetooth / 2.4 GHz Radio/RF *Built-In

DJI Focus Pro Hand Unit

D-Tap Cable - DJI Focus Pro USB Type-C 14V 18-inch

Video Support - DJI Focus Pro 5/8 Marking Ring 3.25-inch

Video Support - DJI Focus Pro 5/8 Marking Ring 3.25-inch