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DJI RS 4 Pro Gimbal Stabilizer

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The DJI RS 4 Pro Gimbal Stabilizer builds on its predecessor, the RS 3 Pro, with enhanced efficiency, vertical shooting, and much more. Key features include:

  • OLED touchscreen with auto lock

  • 13 hour operation time

  • Supports wireless image transmitter and LiDAR

  • 10 pound payload

What’s New? This DJI RS 4 Pro Gimbal Stabilizer shares a lot of similar build qualities as its older sibling, the DJI RS 3 Pro, but offers updated features to further maximize your use. This updated RS 4 Pro gimbal offers enhanced efficiency, vertical shooting, and expanded options for accessorizing. The gimbal weighs just 2.74 pounds, and has a 10 pound load capacity for your compact camera build.

Sleek and Intuitive Features. Like its predecessor, the RS 4 Pro maintains the dual-layered quick release plate, but with an updated horizontal plate for quick and easy transitions to vertical shooting. An easily adjustable fine tuning knob is provided to move your camera back and forth, and the upper plate provides placement guides to ensure your camera is safe and secure.

Second-Gen Automated Axis Locks. The RS 4 Pro is made of three axes that automatically lock and go into sleep mode with just one push of the power button. When the gimbal is powered off, and the power button is pressed and held, the axes are automatically unlocked and expanded in just two seconds, allowing you to get straight to work. The axes are Teflon-coated for a smoother operation and sharper footage.

Expand, Adapt, Overcome. Thanks to the new RSA communication port, you can integrate Ronin-branded and third-party control accessories to expand your gimbal configuration. A fixed auto-locking OLED touchscreen allows you to lock the screen at a lower brightness to prevent accidental switching and conserve battery power. From the Ronin app, you can remotely adjust camera exposure or use the virtual joystick to control the gimbal.

ActiveTrack Pro. The newest generation of ActiveTrack Pro is available with this gimbal, showing off improved accuracy and responsiveness. It’s capable of directly reading images from the camera built into the LiDAR autofocus, and you can monitor your footage directly from the OLED touchscreen.

Stabilized Footage. The combination of new features that are specially designed to minimize the vibrations, winds, and bumps that may occur with shooting, and the smooth work of the axes, the RS 4 Pro maintains stabilized and balanced footage for any operator, old and new. Car mount mode can be enabled to keep car footage steady through vibrations and wind, while the motor torque has been increased 20% to enhance and maintain stability over fast movements, vertical shots, and low-angle shots.

All Day Use. The included DJI BG30 battery grip powers the RS 4 Pro for up to 13 continuous hours, and fully charged in just 1.5 hours.

Q & A

  • Does my camera work with this?
    • To ensure your camera has all of the necessary functions to operate with the RS 4 Pro, you can use this compatibility checker, or you can always contact us.

  • How much weight can this gimbal support?
    • Up to 10 pounds.


Battery Type

  • 1x Built-In
Battery Capacity
  • 1950 mAh
Battery Runtime
  • 13 Hours
Battery Charging Time
  • 1.5 Hours
Battery Chemistry
  • Lithium-Ion Polymer (LiPo)
  • 15.4 VDC






  • 3x USB-C (Control / Video)
  • 1x USB-C (Power)
Wireless Frequency
  • 2.4 GHz
Wireless Protocol
  • Bluetooth 5.0
Mobile App Compatible
  • Yes: Android & iOS
  • App Name: Ronin App


Environmental Operating Temperature
  • -4 to 113°F

Display Type

  • Fixed Touchscreen OLED
  • Carbon Fiber
  • 1 × 1/4"-20 Female
  • 2 x NATO Rail
  • 11.1 × 10.7 × 3″ (Folded)
  • 16.4 × 8.8 × 8″
  • 2.73 lb



Load Capacity

  • 9.9 lb
Number of Axes
  • 3: Pitch (Tilt), Roll, Yaw (Pan)
Rotation Range
Mechanical Range
  • Yaw (Pan): 360°
  • Pitch (Tilt): -112 to 214°
  • Roll: -95 to 240°
Follow Speed
  • Pan/Tilt/Roll: 360°/s


Item Type


Power Operating Voltage
  • 15.4 VDC

DJI RS 4 Pro Gimbal Stabilizer

Cable - DJI R Multi-Camera Control Cable (USB-C)

Cable - USB 2.0 A Male to Type C

Case - DJI RS 3 / RS 4 Soft

Case - Nanuk 920 (H24)

Stabilizer Accessory - DJI R Lens Support Screw (M4)

Stabilizer Accessory - DJI R Metal Tripod (RS-005)

Stabilizer Accessory - DJI Ronin BG30 Grip

Stabilizer Accessory - DJI Ronin RS 3 Lens Support (RS-003-Extended)

Stabilizer Accessory - DJI RS 3 Briefcase Handle Mount

Stabilizer Accessory - DJI RS 4 Anti-Rotation Plate

Stabilizer Accessory - DJI RS 4 Pro Tilt Arm Bracket 56mm

Stabilizer Accessory - DJI RS 4 Quick Release Plate (Upper)

Stabilizer Accessory - DJI RS 4 Tilt Arm (105mm)

Stabilizer Accessory - DJI RS Briefcase Handle

Stabilizer Accessory - DJI RS Quick-Release Plate (Lower)

Stabilizer - DJI RS 4 Pro